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Why I think the PTA is Important to Schools

Funding for schools keeps getting cut by the government. The latest government cut to schools was a staggering £50,000 for many schools. Some schools have had more cut from their budget, many have had less cut from their budget, Therefore, the P.T.A (parent teacher association) is very important to many schools up and down the country. Whether they are Private or state schools, each school is struggling in some way or another.

I don’t think many people realise the importance of the PTA, and how it helps the school and of course the children, as they are important as they benefit from the funding the school raise. As many of the funds raise go towards things that the school need. This could be anything from play sand for the reception class to maths resources for the whole school can use. It can also pay for trips out to the panto, have people come in to the school to perform and bring in amazing experiences which the children may never get to see. When I first started working in a school, I had no idea what it was all about. Even when Bear started school I was still a bit clueless but I joined the PTA as a class rep, he is now in year 1 and I am chair of the PTA.

There are two different types of P.T. A’s. The first one being the traditional Parent, Teacher, association which involves all the teachers and parents. The second being PTSA which is the parent, teacher and student association, which includes the whole school, students, teachers and of course parents.


There are many roles of the P.T.A. for example there is the chair person who chairs any meetings that happen, the treasurer who manages the accounts, secretary who takes down notes and emails them out to everyone. There are the teachers who provide vital input to any ideas which we may have as they know every child and would know if events would work for the whole school, not just a handful of students. The teachers also put in long hours and work really hard, They also join in with extracurricular activities, such as choir and sports.  There is the head teacher who also puts her input in, she is usually the first and the last member of staff to be in school, she attends meetings, she knows every child and every parent by name, she may even be studying to further her education herself, she may have a family growing up, she also finds the time to come to meetings.

Now there are the parents, what can I say about the parents. It’s all positive, many parents work full time and still find the time to help at events, they are also the ones who help plan and prepare for these events, these are the parents who jump of the train and come straight to the school to join in with the PTA meeting.

 In my son’s school once you join the school, you are automatically a PTA member. You can do as little or as much as you like. I personally think it’s a shame if you don’t come to at least one meeting whilst your child is in school. It is a great experience to have, yes you may not get on with every parent, every teacher but this is what makes the PTA brilliant. I am lucky that everyone in Bears school is lovely and approachable, and yes you can ask a parent or two to help at the last minute.

There is more information on the PTA on the following websites,






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