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Remembering our Fallen Hero’s

I admit, I have never ever gone to a remembrance service, I have always watched it on the television on Sunday and always respected the two -minutes’ silence in this day along with the Remembrance Day two-minutes.

This year I attend my local village service with my little rainbows, only a few girls came, lots of people from scouts and the choir from the local school attended the local parish event.



It was a lovely service there were prayers, hymens and of course the remembering of the names on the memorial in the village, along with the choir singing. Many people laid a remembrance reef on the memorial.   I will defiantly be attending one again.


I know actual Remembrance Day was not actually on a Sunday this year and many people did do their two-minute silence on that day, but I also think a day dedicated to the fallen and of course the soldiers who are currently fighting and protecting others should be respected.

Why do I think this? Well

The soldiers have left their homes, have left their families, they have left the haven of the world they know to go into war zones, to help, to protect innocent lives. They fight for our country and the safety of our land.

Personally, I have never looked up the number of deaths in world war one or world war two and I am sitting shocked at the death toll! I keep re-reading the totals, and still cannot believe that so many innocent people lost their lives.

17 million deaths in world war one (this was 11 million military and 7 million civilians). In world war two there were over 75 million killed which was 21-25 million military and 50-55 million civilian and 19-28 million were deaths related to disease and faming.  There were also 5 million prisoners of war deaths. This was one of the deadliest military conflicts in history in terms of deaths this was 3% of the population which was estimated at 2.3 billion in the 1940.

How does that make you feel? It has shocked me to the core. That so many lives where taken just in the first two world wars, I don’t think I want to know the death total of civilian wars. The total lives lost in both world wars and other wars must be in the trillions.

When Bear was little and Bell was just a baby (around 2 months old), we went to Asda on Remembrance Sunday, we watched a bit of the service on the television, but hubs said it was on the radio too, so we went shopping as Bell needed some vests, muslins, nappies and Wipes, she was a sickie baby due to reflux. As we arrived at Asda, the shop announced that it was almost time for two minutes’ silence. I quickly explained to Bear that we had to be quiet for 2 minutes. He was very good, even Bell slept through. I will always remember two ladies in the store they were mid 30’s and continued to chat the whole way through, and give myself, hubs and Bear a strange look because we were being respectful. 

Roll on 2016, and I admit I am worried about how people aren’t remembering the fallen. Surly the huge scarified of life should deserve the recognition and the thanks they deserve.

Surly we can put our lives on hold just for a few minutes on remembrance sunday to respect the courage these men and women have shown and are showing for our country. Many Have seen their friends die in battle, many have lost family in battle. Where is the respect for these people? We should be thinking about the sacrifices millions of people have made, children growing up in war zones, children growing up without fathers, even mothers. The daily battle just to survive on rations of food and clothes, Children and adults going through uncertain time, how the war will affect their lives.  This is the same for many still in the twenty-first century, many people are fleeing their homes.


 There are many wars still going on all around the world the most popular one we hear about is Syria, as many are fleeing their homes and seeking refuge in many parts of the world. Many people don’t think they should be fleeing, many people think they should stay in their own country, Would you stay if you had the choice to flee? I know I would give everything to ensure my children are safe even if that means leaving behind the home and country we know. To me this is lucky in the first and second world war many people didn’t travel and couldn’t escape the conflict. I know they aren’t lucky but if your able to leave the home you have always known and love and try and start again in conditions sometimes worse than what you are leaving, I think you are brave to do this.

So, let’s always take the time to remember the fallen, those who are fighting current battles.

Least we forget.




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