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Dinosaurs and Bell….

I love Bell with all my heart but when I found out Bell was a girl, I was all excited that I would have a girly girl as I did all the Dinosaurs and train’s with Bear but nope …. bell

Bell LOVES dinosaurs!!!!

When I was growing up I went through the Dinosaur phase too! But they didn’t have the choice of clothing they have now.

In the 80’s girl’s clothes were dresses, fairy’s , princesses and animals. There were no Dinosaur clothing unless you went into the boy’s section and then little girl’s could wear a train top or a superman top!

So as you can imagine my Love of NEXT when I was browsing (by browsing I mean spending money I haven’t got two day’s before payday and sending it to my Nan’s house so Hubby doesn’t see!) I came across a Dinosaur Range!

Obviously I treated Bell to a Dino dress and Bear to a Angry bird top for holiday.

I love Next their clothes was up really well! Many people I speak to think Next is expensive but to be honest a dress like Bell is wearing in the photo only cost me £6 in Tesco or sainsbury’s the dress would of been around £4-5 .

Bell wear’s the dress as much as she can, she even made me Ironing it this morning so she could wear it!

Bell is already becoming very fussy in what she will wear, I’m sure I wasn’t like this when I was little.

Bell love’s her shoes and bags too! Maybe I should hope she will have the same size feet as me as she get’s bigger then I can borrow her shoes!!!!

I wonder if Next will send me another Dinosaur dress? I dout it but never mind of to Next I go!

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