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Dear Bell

You were born by a planned emergency C section, you didn’t cry straight away but you did after a minute, thank goodness. I lost about 2.5 liters of blood, but I was okay after some rest.
You were tiny and cute very content until you got reflux and you turned into a madam and became mummies girl, you still are a mummies girl at almost three!
As much as I love you I am really looking forward to you starting pre-school I think it will be great for you but I hope you don’t lose your mummies girl too much!
You toilet trained yourself, I agree with waiting until you are ready and will be saying that to you if you have children. You love dinosaurs, which im not happy about I really thought you would be a girly, girl but its still early days. I don’t mind really as long as you are happy that’s all that matters im sure you speak to special Nana too, im glad she is watching you too.
I am proud of you
Mummy x

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