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Day Three of Summer Holidays

It’s Day Three and I haven’t opened the wine yet.
The weather has turned sour so we are spending the day indoors and having chilled out time with some films whilst at work.
The little child I nanny for is at Nursery tomorrow so a chilled day will certainly do her the world of good especially as she is full of cold.
We have brought a tent to play in and some toys even though choosing films is much more fun!
Bear has asked to go to the cinema over the school holidays, which is fine I am just wondering if Bell will sit through a whole film or not.
Maybe we will try over the weekend or when my cousin is off as don’t fancy taking Alfie out of the cinema if Bell isn’t enjoining the film as that would not be fair.
When we are at home our chill out days usually mean baking cakes, painting, drawing, and reading books.
I have always been a lets not sit in front of the TV all day But seriously some days you really need to chill out and relax, especially after a busy term at school.

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