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1 month until Bell Turns…

1 month until Bell turns three!! Where have the last three years gone?

Now I am stuck, what do you buy a three year old girl who is in to anything and anything!

I don’t want to push her into collecting Care Bears (they are adorable though!) Or Polly Pockets (yep they are still about!) I want to encourage independent choices.

We went to the toy shop this morning to try and give me some ideas. Did it work? Nope. Bell wanted everything and anything from the huge roaring dinosaur to the My little pony’s.

The choice of choosing a toy is endless. I wish I was clever enough to create a toy which would make money for years to come like Sullivan Families.

After spending what seemed like a life time in the toy shop and trying to get some ideas of what Bell would be happy with, along with Bear starting his Christmas list!

Here is what I have come up with

1, Play-dough – Bell Loves Play-dough, she will sit there for a good 20 minutes playing with the dough, even mixing the colors together which makes it turn into evil looking brown color.

2- My Little Pony – Okay honest answer here, she looked at one and said it was pretty and said she could brush her hair

3- Lalaloopsy – The Mini ones, I don’t think she will be 100% interested until she is bigger but its worth a shot and worse comes to worse I am sure they will make a good bath toy.


4- A story book or two- Bell loves reading she can have up to 4 stories or more just at bedtime! During the day she is very happy looking through a book, she must take after me there.



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