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What I love about Christmas

Okay, Yes, I am aware we are still in November, but I thought I would share a few things I love about Christmas. Why? One main reason I have writers block again and I am sitting in the coffee shop drinking skittles milkshake and eating a chicken and bacon panni (oh yes I can multitask!)

 Let’s start with Christmas Traditions!

Ever since I was little I always remember having Chinese on Christmas eve. And it has stuck ever since. Just like visiting dad’s side of the family Christmas eve and mums side boxing day it still has stuck.

A new tradition we have is “Buddy the Elf” he comes from the North Pole and keeps a eye on the children and goes back at night time to let Santa know if they are being naughty or nice, but when he comes back he either does something really helpful, plays a trick or does something really naughty! This makes Bear Laugh and he still remembers Buddy the Elf putting his pants on the Christmas tree. I feel this adds to the Magic of Christmas!

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I also love Christmas because of the films, these are my top 5, they are mostly about children and adults not believing in the magic of Christmas. Which to me just adds to the magic!

  1. Miracle on 34th street
  2. Elf
  3. The polar Express
  4. Santa Claus – The Movie
  5. Arthur Christmas

If you haven’t seen them do!

I love the decorations and the tree.

I love the magic on the children’s faces on Christmas morning, when they look under the tree and see presents which haven’t been there the night before. The magic of putting reindeer food out and leaving the magic key (we live in a flat!).

I am one of these strange people who love wrapping presents, especially if the tree is up, it is so nice sitting on the floor, with a Christmas film on, a small glass of wine  and a box of chocolates.

The one thing I dislike about Christmas is family who are no longer with us. It does get easier every year but it never gets easier. If that makes sense?

I also don’t celebrate New year’s eve, I personally think it should be a time to remember, reflect and think about how the following year can be better.

As I get older I realise it isn’t the receiving that makes the magic happen, it’s the kindness and generosity of others, the spending time with people that matter and if you are luckily enough to receive a gift the thoughtfulness which goes into it.


I am feeling very excited that the Magical month of December is coming and that we will be meeting Santa to ask him nicely what we would like, mine would be kindness and compassion around the world, and a BMW mini cooper. (okay I’m pushing my luck there I know!)


I am a stay at home mum who lives in Kent , who loves to Blog!

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