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New blog!

Hi all,

This will be my last blog post on Bell and Bear.

I am now concentrating on becoming a life style blogger, along with a bit of parenting bloggness, if that even is a word!

I would like to thank all my readers and companies who I have worked with for your support.

Please pop over and see me at

Also twitter: @Kenttowastefree

And Let’s not forget Instagram!


Hopefully see you all over there!

Oh and not forgetting my new email

Many thanks


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It has been so long….

Bell and Bear have started arguing!

Yes It started two weeks before Christmas and has carried on to the new year. Its one thing after another, he took this, she took that… the list goes on and on.

The best tips I have for this is counting to ten for all of us, getting them both to explain as much as they can why they are upset and then calming down.

It can be very draining some day’s, but also very rewarding!

The flat is still a mess after Christmas time, as much as I love them both I will be glad when they are both at school and pre-school so it can get sorted out.

We also have a busy year!

We are of to Newquay Cornwall over Easter and Isle Wight over August. We also need to squeeze a trip to North Devon in too!

We also have the brother in laws wedding In June and lots more exciting things planned for 2018!



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Gassy The Cow Table Top Game

With Christmas just around the corner, its time to start thinking about table top games for the whole family.

We were lucky to receive Gassy The Cow Table top game from Drumond Park to review. Gassy the Cow is suitable for children aged 4 years plus and retails at £24.99. You can have two to four players, which means if you have one child at school and one at home during the day you will still be able to play!

To play the game everyone gathers round to spin the spinner and the spinner stops on a colour of wellie boot, if that’s your colour you get to walk your boots, up to Gassy’s bottom and wait whilst the first player lifts her tail. If she Moo’s your safe but if she “poo’s” a cow splat will come out of her bottom if its a brown splat that is a poo but if its a yellow splat its a wee or if its a dark brown that’s called a “mega poo” and means your out of the game.

There is a space under the wellie boots to clip all the splats on to and the winner is the person with the cleanest boots.

It is a really easy game to play and I personally feel it would be more suitable for a younger age group, as bear got bored easily but Bell really enjoyed playing it. There were plenty of giggles and laughs from Bell.

The game is also super easy to set up it does require 3xaaa batteries. So its certainly a ideal game to play over the Christmas period.

I personally would of brought this game for a younger child I would say for a confident 2 year old, the packaging is really eye catching and as Bear said the picture is funny.

Where to buy this game?  There are many shops which are stocking “Gassy the cow” the following are Smyth’s toy store, Amazon, Argos and  Toys R Us. So why not pop down to one of these stores to have a Mooing Christmas!

Also check out the Drumond Park Website for more fantastic games!


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We have a new addition to the family!

I haven’t written or a while life has just gone very manic, I’m officially now back to work 2 and a half days! Also still trying to catch up with the summer holiday’s. I need to write about our week in Lanzarote. But  Last weekend with all the manic going around we got a little addition to our family. We got Woody the kitten!

His so playful and active, Daisy isn’t too keen but Willow has taken him under her paw and is acting like mum!

He is certainly going to be a little character!

I have so much to write about with Christmas just around the corner and then its Easter where we are planning to be out of Kent for a good two weeks! We have already started to plan summer 2018 too! My aim for Summer 2018 is to spend as little as possible at home as its Bell’s last summer before she starts school!

So I will leave you with a few adorable pics of Woody whilst I update the blog…

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Flying with Children the ups and the Downs

We are flying high in the sky on route to Lanzarote for our family holiday. We started flying when Bear was 18 months I was pregnant with Bell and now we try and fly at least once a year. I love exploring the world and I certainly want the adventure and the experiences to grow with the children

Go back to last year flying back from Menorca, the flight was at midnight, all was fine until the plane started taxing to the runway, Bell decided she needed a wee. Which would of been fine expected we were not able to leave our seats, she had a pull up on as she was still in nappies at night. No she wasn’t happy about doing a wee in the nappy, she got louder and louder saying she needed a wee and crying. The poor passengers I felt really bad , but once the seatbelt sign came off we ran, she went and then she went to sleep! phew!

This got me thinking about others peoples experiences so I asked a few fellow bloggers about there “Up’s and there “Downs” of flying with or without children.

Lets Start with Jen from Just a average Jen say’s

“My boy on his first flight was almost 10 and as soon as we landed he shouted “that was awesome” everyone clapped it was.”

Nicola from Mummy to Dex say’s  –

“Worst thing- we were flying back from Majorca (after a near perfect flight out there) with an 11m old baby and he was not coping well at all. I was trying to cuddle him and settle him down but he ended up sinking his teeth into my arm and leaving me with a very nasty bite mark, blood and bruise! Lesson learnt- daddy can hold him next time!!”

Sarah From Digital Motherhood say’s

“Best was last week when my daughter fell asleep when we got on the plane and didn’t wake up until we landed 😄 Worst was when she was 1 and would not sit still, stood up on my lap reached forward and slapped the bald head of the guy in front! I nearly died of embarrassment but luckily he laughed 😂

Catherine from Battle Mum say’s

“The best was flying with our son before the age of 2 and him sleeping most of the way to the Canaries. The worst was on our way to New York last year and his nappy leaking (wet) half way across the Atlantic. We had to use my pillow for him to sit on. Thank God for spare sets of clothes! And thankfully his seat was dry before we landed.”

Tracey from Pack your Pjs say’s

“The funniest was on a flight to the US (the days before we had children). My husband was sitting across the aisle from me, next to a family with a toddler. I can see it now – as if it was slow motion – as she picked up his cup of orange juice and poured it over his head before her mother realised what was happening. I found it hilarious (still do!!)”

Eileen from 2 nerds and a baby say’s

“Best thing – our 10 week old slept the whole way through a 3.5hr flight, having a bottle during take off and landing to help soothe his ears
Worst thing – as I made my way down the aisle full of drunken hen and stag parties I was stopped every few steps for people to tell me I was too young to have a child”

Vikki from Family Travel with Ellie say’s

“We have been very lucky and almost all our flights have been enjoyable. Our best was when our son was invited into meet the captain having been so well behaved and chilled during turbulence. Our worst experience would be this one…Flying to Palma with our then 8 and 3 year old. And a stag do got on. They were appallingly behaved – shouting / swearing and groping the air stewardess. I made sure the children’s head phones were securely attached and turned up loud! and some of the other male passengers went and had a word with them. It was quite scary with young children there if I’m honest. They were taken by security when we landed.”


Laura from Life with baby kicks say’s

“Cheese vomit 🤢we fed my youngest cheese which he promptly threw up all over me.  I had no spare clothes and my cardi had lost a button so I basically had my bra on display the whole flight…..”


Joanna from The Knights Tribe say’s

“On a flight back from America my son threw up over himself and me, i had just brought a Missouri hoody at the airport and all his clothes was in his suitcase  so i changed him into my new big cosy hoody and he vomited again down  it with 4 hours  till landing no more spare clothes.”

Natasha from Mummy and Moose say’s

“The worst was on the way to Majorca. Cabin crew spilt scorching hot coffee on my nephew. I was a good distance from him but his scream made me jump up from my seat (He was thankfully ok)”

Eva from Captain Bob Cat say’s

“My then 15 month old puked right after take off on a transatlantic flight. I had changing clothes for him, but I didn’t have any for myself… definitely taught me a lesson 🙈”

Luschka from Diary of a first child say’s

“The best was when I got on a flight to Australia on my own with a 3 year old in an Ergo and a 6 month old in a ring sling. People audibly groaned and sighed, rolled eyes and one couple actually said loudly “great, just what we need”. When we landed in Singapore 12 hours later, 6 different people came to me and said how well behaved my children were, how pleasant the flight with us was, and how attentive I was to my children.Feeling smug I got on the next, 5-hour, midnight flight… Where the same kids were now awake, bored, cooped up little terrors! That was a LONG flight, and no one talked to me after!”

Kate from Katie on Thin Ice say’s

“My son aged about 11 sleeping through the take-off of his first flight”

And Finally from Francessa at Whinge whinge Wine

“The holiday started of with out incident, but as the holiday progressed everyone got poorly slowly a day or two in between, on the day of our flight my husband was still poorly and had a last minute trip to the toilet so I boarded the plan without him and let the stewardess know, there were lots of hush whispers and the plan was delayed and we were eventually asked to leave the flight, and my husband was whisked of to the hospital. I was asked to identify the bags. The doctor checked him over and said he was fit to fly. The plan took of an hour and a half later than expected, but nanny, the children and daddy were sick though out the flight and daddy was sick for two days after the holiday”






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My Day Out At Drusilla’s Park In Sussex!

We have recently spent the day at Drusilla’s Park in Sussex, It took us about an hour and twenty minutes from where we live to get here. It started of a really gloomy over cast day, but it certainly brightened up nearer the end of our visit.

When we arrived the car park looked very busy, but once we were actually through the entrance the only busy bit was the first section which was the iguana and snake area. We then went around to the Farm Yard to see what happens down on the farm and Bell and Bear even had a go at milking a cow. (Okay it wasn’t a real cow but they certainly had great fun pretending to be farmers!)


Milking a cow down on the Farmyard


We then followed the path around to see the other animals there is a lovely selection of animals here and their homes looked really well cared for. The animals which were our favourite were the Meerkats, penguins, the monkeys and Marmosets.

There is so much to see and do here whilst walking around the park for the children and of course the big kids (adults!) from the Zoo Challenge to the animal spotter book with a trail to follow. There is also a soft play (Amazon adventures) if the weather does take a turn for the worse and a huge outside play ground for all ages, and not forgetting the water play area which is called Get Wet!


Go Wet! Yes my children are in their pants and knickers! At least they had plenty of fun!


There are also lots and lots of information and interactive areas dotted around the park which certainly keep the children entertained and learning new facts and information about the animals.


We were very excited to be able to walk through the lemurs in Lemurland and walk through the Lorikeets in the Lory landing area.



When we last came to Drusilla’s Hello Kitty secret garden was still being built, the rides in Hello Kitty last a couple of minutes which is ideal for little ones and Bell was able to go on a few of the rides by her self which is a bonus! The rides here are little teacups, ride round Hello Kitty’s Garden and 25ft Hopper ride. Did I mention this is the first Hello Kitty attraction in Europe, so if you have a Hello Kitty fan why not pop down and see the attraction for yourself and if your really lucky you maybe able to even give Hello Kitty a huge cuddle, during the holidays.


Hello Kitty Secret Garden Car Ride – I let Bell drive!


One new area for 2017  is GO SAFARI! GO SAFARI opened in  This is now were the old water park area was, there are two rides here, flying cheater’s, a hippo which goes up and down . Both the children loved this area, and they wanted to go on the flying cheaters again and again!  Despite going during the school holidays the longest we had to wait to go on the rides was 2 minutes which was a  perfect waiting time for little children. Bear and Bell kept coming back to this area and also wanted one last go before we left for home and the one last go turned into about 6 lasts go as they were both having so much fun!

I almost forgot to mention there is also a GO Safari  African themed safari express train ride, where you can see a few animals and along the way you can also peek and see the play area and the water play area. Also there are jokes so do keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to give everyone a wave as you go passed!


African Themed Safari Train



There are also a few payable activities which are available to everyone which are panning for gold, Penguin plunge and vertical limit. There is also a discovery centre which has lots of information and we saw lots of animal fur and goods which were on lone from the HM revenue and customs.

There is so much going on through out the year as Drusilla’s is open 362 days of the year from 10am until 5pm in winter and until 6pm in summer, the last entry is one hour before closing but I would recommend a good 2 or 3 hours here if you would like to see and have a go in the play park and the Get Wet Area. You could easily spend all day here, as there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or a coffee.


There is certainly lots to look forward to for the rest of the year here from meeting Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo, Paw Patrol and Meet Hello Kitty over this summer. And not forgetting Meet and Greet with Scooby doo over Halloween so don’t forget to bring your Scooby snacks and Father Christmas from the middle of November with Winter Wonderland Illuminations which is a daily light show at 4pm.





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Hever Castle Review


We were lucky enough to Visit Hever Castle Over the Easter School Holiday’s. Hever Castle was once a childhood  home to Anne Boleyn,  who was wife to King Henry the 8th and mother to Elizabeth 1st.

The castle its self dates back to the 13th Century and has seen many changes though out the centuries with the changing of monarchy.

There are many beautiful Gardens around the castle and the moat, these were just modest gardens around the castle walls until  William Astor brought the castle in 1903 and they are now award winning gardens.


April 18th – May 7th There is  Tulips Celebrations going on around the gardens there are 7,000 tulips currently in bloom. They look totally amazing, They are certainly worth popping down to see.

We loved having a wander around the gardens, we saw many wildlife including a black swan, only a small number of black swans are in the UK.  There is also a large boating lake which you will be able to take a small boat ride around the lake. If you do not fancy a boat ride there is a lovely lake walk. There is a mini model of the castle and I think other buildings in a section at the back of the shop, It was lovely to see but I did find it a bit dark to try and read but to be honest it could be my reaction lenses trying to adjust going from bright sunshine to indoor light.


Over Easter Holiday’s the Castle had lots on for the children, they had a Easter Egg Hunt, Easter bonnet making and a Easter bonnet parade for the children to take part in. There is also a maze and a water maze for everyone to join in, there is also a play area too, which is in excellent condition. There is also Archery and shield painting  which runs from 1st April until the 29th October, and starts from £3.


I felt the Easter Bonnet making was great value for money as it was just £1, Bear and Bell really enjoyed doing this, there was lots of choice from stickers, to crepe paper, to stencils and gems to decorate the bonnet. The member of staff running the area was very helpful and friendly. We unfortunately didn’t get time to check out the shield paining and Archery, but we will certainly have a go next time we visit!


The Easter Egg hunt was in partnership with Lindt chocolate,  was also great fun, the clues were easy to find and the clues took you mostly around the garden area. The children enjoyed looking out for the clues and got really excited when they found them, at the end there was a lindt bunny at the end to take home.

We were also very lucky to met the King,  when we entered the castle, he was very friendly,  helpful and certainly made the castle seem more alive. The Castle was bright an you could have a lovely look at all the beautiful items on show, without the rooms feeling crowded. The staff were helpful and answered any questions Bear had. Going round the castle was very easy to follow unlike some places we have recently visited.


We brought a picnic with us, there was plenty of space to sit down with a picnic blanket or there was plenty of benches to sit on if you prefer,  The shop had a great choice of gifts and there was a good selection of pocket money toys if your little ones fancy buying something tiny.

Even though we didn’t take a buggy, We are now out of that stage, I felt Hever castle is very buggy friendly around the ground, the buggy’s are not allowed in the castle so I do suggest you take a baby carrier or carry your little one round. The grounds are also wheelchair friendly but hilly in some places.  There are six different trail walks which you can download before you go via the webpage, –  Hever Castle Trails to Download

The views walking around the castle are very pretty and personally I think it would be a great visit all year round for all the family. The Children really enjoyed exploring the gardens and finding new places which they seemed to miss coming in.

The prices are very good £16.90 for a adult for both the castle and the grounds and £9.50 for children over 5 years old. Hever castle offers a discount for seniors and students. There is also a family price of £44.50. There is also a small shop where you can buy some plants and a little coffee van too!


This is certainly a great value family day out for all the family, if you are not local there are a few places to stay near including Hever Castle its self.

Hever Castle has lots of events all year round so why not have a peek at their website for up to date information and prices.
Have a peek at my YouTube video too 

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ChalkOla review

I hate the feel of chalk, it makes my teeth feel funny and the thought of the chalk being scratched along the chalkboard makes my skin tingle and feel very strange.

When I was ask to test out some chalk pens I jumped at the chance.


To be honest I was a bit dubious about them, would they feel like chalk, would they have the chalky feel to them, the list was never ending!

When they arrived they came in really nice packaging and looked very smart, too smart for the children to use straight away, but they spied them and spent the next 5 minutes giving the pens a good shake to start the chalk flowing!

The chalk was lovely went on the chalk board with ease, the thicker pens started of a bit runny but nothing major.



The markers were great too, very easy to use.

All of the packs have a great choice of colours, and I would recommend them for anyone who really dislikes the feel of chalk prices start from £8 on amazon.


I would defiantly recommend these to anyone who uses chalk pens.


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Wordsearch Junior By Drumond Park Games

Wordsearch Junior is for ages 4 plus, it is a fun, family friendly for all ages. It encourages a fun way of learning and recognising words and the recognition of picture sequence. Wordsearch Junior comes with 9 double sided puzzle discs. The game also comes with 4 different packs of colour markers, so you can mark of when you have found the word or picture sequence.


There are three different levels there are:

Blue – Search for the picture sequence, this is a great way to introduce children to the world of wordsearches. Its a great way for children to develop sequencing  and spatial awareness

Red – This level has pictures and the words on. Which helps children  start to recognises  what the words look like to the picture. They will be able to start looking for consonant clusters and vowel combinations without them realising,

Green – This level is just the words with the letters O,E,I,A,U in red so the children can learn that these ae the vowel letters.


The game is very easy to set up, I  will have a little video on my YouTube channel on the set up of the game very soon, but it is very easy to do. You clip a Wordsearch of your choice onto the board and you spin the blue outer circle  to find new words to look for. once you have found the words you can put your colour marker over those letters. If another play has to cross your word they just swap your maker for theirs.


This game is a all round fun and educational game. Wordsearch Junior will help support and develop reading and letter recognition for all children.  It also  provides a great way for the children to develop their reasoning skills, whilst enriching their vocabulary through images, words and letters.

The game retails at £18.99 and you can check where your nearest stockist is by visiting


I personally would happily pay the £18.99 for this game as not only is it educational, it is also great fun for all the family. I would also recommend this game for any child who may be struggling with their reading and their language skills. Bear really enjoyed playing this with his aunt, uncle , his Great Uncle and his great Grandmother  at the weekend and with his friend during the half term.




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Travelling With Kids Guest Post By Ella Who Blogs At Ellamental Mama

Single mum travelling with Toddler

by Ella from Ellamental Mama

Before I had my son I used to travel lots – Africa, Asia, the Caribbean. The further away the better in my mind. I always thought I should do my crazy travels when I was young because people don’t travel like that with kids, right? Wrong. My family is pretty small – just me and my son (at the moment) – and it turns out that you can travel far and wide with a little one. Since my son was born he’s also been to Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe – he’s already made it to over 10 countries. Admittedly the vast majority of those were in the first two years when he was still basically free to fly. Now I have to pay for his flight seat the travels have got closer to home and less regular but I still do as much as I can manage.

My most adventurous trip was last year, just before my son turned two. I threw a bunch of lightweight clothes into a backpack and off we went, backpacking around South East Asia. Everyone thought I was mad for doing it. The main thing I was nervous about was if one of us got really sick – especially me. What on earth would happen to my son? I had papers with all my emergency contacts listed on them and insurance details and in every place we stayed I would lay them out in the room, “just incase”. Bar a couple of nasty injuries which I managed to grin and bear, we were a picture of health throughout the month.

Single parenting is often a story of extremes, taking a toddler backpacking as a single mum is one of the more extreme examples of my life. One day we were strolling along the beach taking in the sights and enjoying the sun shine. The next day it took two hours to get my son down to nap, I snuck into the hammock to rest and promptly broke the thing. Have you ever tried to transport a toddler, buggy, backpack and other random bits along the beach to a small boat so that you can get dumped in the middle of the sea to climb aboard the passing ferry so you can make it back to the mainland with one arm out of action? It’s not an easy task I can tell you. But when you have no choice you somehow make it.

You might be thinking I’m rich considering all the travels we have done but my approach is to do it as cheap as possible so that we can go on as many trips as possible. My budget for one month for the two of us travelling around was £1000. That included £500 for my flight and £500 for everything else. Admittedly in the end I overspent (it was all those exciting boat trips round the islands) but not by that much. This strict budget did mean staying in the cheapest places in town though.

I remember late one afternoon arriving in Krabi in the South of Thailand, we arrived just outside the town centre and walked the mile or so to the area with the cheap guest houses. We were in luck, I found us a room that smelled like an overflowing ashtray. At 5am the sounds of the nearby market traders setting up took over from the sounds that had been blaring out of the neighbouring nightclub all night long. Let’s just say we didn’t get much sleep that night. The next day – the rainiest of the trip – we went to what was termed “the most beautiful beach in Thailand”. My son fell down a huge hole and lost a shoe before we had even made it there. Needless to say the toddler learnt some good swear words that day. When we did finally arrive at the beach and the clouds parted I ended up spending most of the time chasing my son up and down the beach as he ran off at top speed. On days like that my only reprieve was to return to the room, turn on the shower and let him stand under a small drip of cold water for as long as it would entertain him so I could catch my breathe. Invariably when I popped my head round the door to check on him he would be trying to climb into the toilet but still, he was quiet and not running away from me at high speed so I was happy and he had water so he was more than happy.

The days weren’t all like that though, well if I’m really honest I think everyday had at least one moment of total mayhem like that in it, and some were just chaos from start to finish. But there were days that had nice moments in between. And let’s be honest “nice” is an understatement. We went snorkelling with tropical fish, swam through underwater caves, explored night markets, rode on tuk-tuks and visited temples. You might think some of these things are not possible with a toddler but as a single mum I’ve got used to doing things with my toddler or not at all and I’ve never been one for sitting still. My son had one of those inflatable water seats and a pair of goggles; I would snorkel whilst holding onto his inflatable while he kicked back and relaxed, when a really good fish came along I’d get him to dunk his head under so he could have a good look. He loved it. Nearly as much as the day we went kayaking around the islands and through mangroves. That was a big hit, especially the little cave with the ‘inside’ beach. Or what about the day we went to the elephant hospital and he got to “feed” the elephants – he was too scared to actually feed them but he clung to my leg as I did it and he loved watching them walk around. Sometimes the fun turned to chaos as it tends to with a toddler, like when we were enjoying watching the monkeys playing on the beach until my son decided to throw a handful of sand at one of them – that didn’t go down too well – monkeys can be seriously vicious when they are angry.

Now I look back on the photos – the ones where he’s balancing on the palms of my hands in an aqua blue sea with the sun blazing down – the smiles on both of our faces telling of the joy in that moment. Or the one where we are both sat at a street stall eating the most delicious food in Thailand. And I’m so glad I did it. More than that, I’m so proud I managed to get through it. There were times in those weeks as we travelled around when I thought I was going to lose the plot (mainly at midnight in a mosquito infested shack, with my son repeatedly jumping on my head at midnight and the exhaustion and claustrophobia was more intense than anything I’ve felt before) but now that those memories have faded a little what I remember most are the fun moments. He still reguaraly talks about the elephant that ate bananas and the fishes that bit his bottom in the waterfall. That trip pushed me to my limit but it also gave us both lifelong memories.