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Who needs sleep anyway Diary Part 1 

Bear was always a good sleeper until around 18 months, then it would be a constant battle, he would be awake at 3am then gradually getting later we finally manged to get Bears to stay asleep until 6am sometimes half 6 if we were lucky! 

Now fast forward to age 3, we go back to waking at 5am, our bedtime routine never changed, apart from the time he went  to bed to earlier to later, to see if it would help him sleep longer. But that didn’t work.

We are now aged 5 and this morning it was 4.30am, yes you read that right 4.30am!!! 

We have tried everything since he was 3 years old. 

We have tried the reward chart, the groclock, black out blinds, getting him in bed with us until a decent hour, cutting out sweets and all junk food. Nothing seems to work! 

We are of on holiday soon, but when we are back we are seriously going to kick this waking at 4 30 habit. I am hoping that once on holiday he will actually sleep longer . We are also going to take our gro black out blind with us too, as we know how see through curtains seem to be on holiday! 

When we are back we are going to make sure both the blinds are always down at bedtime, we have a black out roller blind, a particle black out roller blind, the groclock is going on a shelf where Bear can not reach it as he does reset it, also ensuring the bedtime routine is always the same, even if it means we are not going out mixing with others for a while. I think sleep is more important than socialzing as Bear gets really emotional when he hasn’t had enough sleep and this starts at around 3pm! 

I am going to be cutting out rubbish food 100% no sweets, crisps anything unhealthy will be gone, even though we don’t eat that much unhealthy stuff. 

Sleep is a important part of growth and development for a child. 

It helps their emotions stay balanced (well as they can be for a child!) They sleep helps them to ensure they grow well and help their eductionl development. As they are getting enough sleep to concentrate during the day. 

I will be doing a who needs sleep diary weekly as soon as we are back of holiday…. 


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