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Meet the Family!
This is me! Mummy to Bear and Bell, Wifey to Hubs and adoptive mummy to the fur babies! I am a Stay at home mummy, and work part-time as a nanny. With over 16 years child care experience I should know what I am doing right? Nope I’m just winging it!


Meet Bear, He is in year one at Primary school, his cheeky, stubborn, clever and of course lovable. He is so kind natured to everyone he meets. He loves Lego, he loves reading and must of all he loves adventure!


This is Bell, she attends pre-school, loves bubbles and drawing. Bell is cheeky, clever and is really kind to others. Bell can be really shy when you first meet her but once she gets to know you she is very cheeky!

Nicky's Photography
Nicky’s Photography

This is Hubs, Sports photographer (you would think I would learn a few tips but nope!) his adoptive daddy to the fur babies, he hates cats, go figure!

20161019_075023 wp-image-1657943028jpg.jpg

The black cat with the straw is Willow she is almost 2, she loves straws, attacking feet and eating popcorn! Willow is so laid back, but she puts her paws down for being pushed in the dolls pram…

The black and white cat is Daisy, she was only meant to be with us for a few days over Christmas in 2011, and yes you guessed it its now 2016 and she is still with us. Bear loved her from day one. We think she is around 5 years old.

So this is us, hope you can follow us on our journey through the tantrums and the fun times!



I am a stay at home mum who lives in Kent , who loves to Blog!

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