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It has been so long….

Bell and Bear have started arguing!

Yes It started two weeks before Christmas and has carried on to the new year. Its one thing after another, he took this, she took that… the list goes on and on.

The best tips I have for this is counting to ten for all of us, getting them both to explain as much as they can why they are upset and then calming down.

It can be very draining some day’s, but also very rewarding!

The flat is still a mess after Christmas time, as much as I love them both I will be glad when they are both at school and pre-school so it can get sorted out.

We also have a busy year!

We are of to Newquay Cornwall over Easter and Isle Wight over August. We also need to squeeze a trip to North Devon in too!

We also have the brother in laws wedding In June and lots more exciting things planned for 2018!




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