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Growing up….

I was brought up in Downham, near Lewisham London, from day one to around 6 years old of my life I had not one but two open heart operations, suffered from muscle weakness, brittle bones and wore glasses. I have been on Steroids, I have broken my leg once, can’t even remember how.
6-15 years old, I managed to avoid steroids, but had every three month check ups at GUYS Hospital for my heart, this eventually went to every 6 months to a year to none! (yay!) I feel and pulled my ligaments in my knee when I was 14 which got me out of pe!
I left school and went to college to study child care and got amazing grades. Whilst studying I worked in a health club with children aged 8-16 years old teaching games, and teaching how to use the gym equipment. I have been room supervisors and deputy manager before I became a Nanny. I have been a Nanny for 10 years now and its can be really hard work but I would not change it for the world. I am also a rainbows leads.

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