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Flying with Children the ups and the Downs

We are flying high in the sky on route to Lanzarote for our family holiday. We started flying when Bear was 18 months I was pregnant with Bell and now we try and fly at least once a year. I love exploring the world and I certainly want the adventure and the experiences to grow with the children

Go back to last year flying back from Menorca, the flight was at midnight, all was fine until the plane started taxing to the runway, Bell decided she needed a wee. Which would of been fine expected we were not able to leave our seats, she had a pull up on as she was still in nappies at night. No she wasn’t happy about doing a wee in the nappy, she got louder and louder saying she needed a wee and crying. The poor passengers I felt really bad , but once the seatbelt sign came off we ran, she went and then she went to sleep! phew!

This got me thinking about others peoples experiences so I asked a few fellow bloggers about there “Up’s and there “Downs” of flying with or without children.

Lets Start with Jen from Just a average Jen say’s

“My boy on his first flight was almost 10 and as soon as we landed he shouted “that was awesome” everyone clapped it was.”

Nicola from Mummy to Dex say’s  –

“Worst thing- we were flying back from Majorca (after a near perfect flight out there) with an 11m old baby and he was not coping well at all. I was trying to cuddle him and settle him down but he ended up sinking his teeth into my arm and leaving me with a very nasty bite mark, blood and bruise! Lesson learnt- daddy can hold him next time!!”

Sarah From Digital Motherhood say’s

“Best was last week when my daughter fell asleep when we got on the plane and didn’t wake up until we landed 😄 Worst was when she was 1 and would not sit still, stood up on my lap reached forward and slapped the bald head of the guy in front! I nearly died of embarrassment but luckily he laughed 😂

Catherine from Battle Mum say’s

“The best was flying with our son before the age of 2 and him sleeping most of the way to the Canaries. The worst was on our way to New York last year and his nappy leaking (wet) half way across the Atlantic. We had to use my pillow for him to sit on. Thank God for spare sets of clothes! And thankfully his seat was dry before we landed.”

Tracey from Pack your Pjs say’s

“The funniest was on a flight to the US (the days before we had children). My husband was sitting across the aisle from me, next to a family with a toddler. I can see it now – as if it was slow motion – as she picked up his cup of orange juice and poured it over his head before her mother realised what was happening. I found it hilarious (still do!!)”

Eileen from 2 nerds and a baby say’s

“Best thing – our 10 week old slept the whole way through a 3.5hr flight, having a bottle during take off and landing to help soothe his ears
Worst thing – as I made my way down the aisle full of drunken hen and stag parties I was stopped every few steps for people to tell me I was too young to have a child”

Vikki from Family Travel with Ellie say’s

“We have been very lucky and almost all our flights have been enjoyable. Our best was when our son was invited into meet the captain having been so well behaved and chilled during turbulence. Our worst experience would be this one…Flying to Palma with our then 8 and 3 year old. And a stag do got on. They were appallingly behaved – shouting / swearing and groping the air stewardess. I made sure the children’s head phones were securely attached and turned up loud! and some of the other male passengers went and had a word with them. It was quite scary with young children there if I’m honest. They were taken by security when we landed.”


Laura from Life with baby kicks say’s

“Cheese vomit 🤢we fed my youngest cheese which he promptly threw up all over me.  I had no spare clothes and my cardi had lost a button so I basically had my bra on display the whole flight…..”


Joanna from The Knights Tribe say’s

“On a flight back from America my son threw up over himself and me, i had just brought a Missouri hoody at the airport and all his clothes was in his suitcase  so i changed him into my new big cosy hoody and he vomited again down  it with 4 hours  till landing no more spare clothes.”

Natasha from Mummy and Moose say’s

“The worst was on the way to Majorca. Cabin crew spilt scorching hot coffee on my nephew. I was a good distance from him but his scream made me jump up from my seat (He was thankfully ok)”

Eva from Captain Bob Cat say’s

“My then 15 month old puked right after take off on a transatlantic flight. I had changing clothes for him, but I didn’t have any for myself… definitely taught me a lesson 🙈”

Luschka from Diary of a first child say’s

“The best was when I got on a flight to Australia on my own with a 3 year old in an Ergo and a 6 month old in a ring sling. People audibly groaned and sighed, rolled eyes and one couple actually said loudly “great, just what we need”. When we landed in Singapore 12 hours later, 6 different people came to me and said how well behaved my children were, how pleasant the flight with us was, and how attentive I was to my children.Feeling smug I got on the next, 5-hour, midnight flight… Where the same kids were now awake, bored, cooped up little terrors! That was a LONG flight, and no one talked to me after!”

Kate from Katie on Thin Ice say’s

“My son aged about 11 sleeping through the take-off of his first flight”

And Finally from Francessa at Whinge whinge Wine

“The holiday started of with out incident, but as the holiday progressed everyone got poorly slowly a day or two in between, on the day of our flight my husband was still poorly and had a last minute trip to the toilet so I boarded the plan without him and let the stewardess know, there were lots of hush whispers and the plan was delayed and we were eventually asked to leave the flight, and my husband was whisked of to the hospital. I was asked to identify the bags. The doctor checked him over and said he was fit to fly. The plan took of an hour and a half later than expected, but nanny, the children and daddy were sick though out the flight and daddy was sick for two days after the holiday”







I am a stay at home mum who lives in Kent , who loves to Blog!

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