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Cancer sucks

Here is the deal Cancer sucks! It sucks so much!
It is a horrible illness which eats away at you from the inside and sometimes the outside too, You can not have any side effects until the last minute, some times you catch it at the start. It can tear families apart, it can make families get closer.
Why am I writing about Cancer? My mum had cancer. Cancer of the bone, breast, brain and liver.
She sadly passed away after a short battle. I’ve seen things that you would not want you worse enemy to see. I have seen a dead body. My mind has seemed to block that image out. I’ve watched men, woman and children have chemo, I’ve seen people loose their hair.
I have experienced first hand that losing a mum at 26 is horrible (any age is horrible!)
She has missed out on meeting her grandson and granddaughter, she has missed my wedding day, she has missed Bears first’s and Bell’s first’s.
She has missed many birthdays and birthday parties.
I found out I was pregnant officially the day before the anniversary of her 2nd year parting I’m sure it was a sign.
So it bugs me when people moan about there mums,they should be so lucky that they are alive and want to see their grandchildren some people and grandchildren aren’t so lucky

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