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Wordsearch Junior By Drumond Park Games

Wordsearch Junior is for ages 4 plus, it is a fun, family friendly for all ages. It encourages a fun way of learning and recognising words and the recognition of picture sequence. Wordsearch Junior comes with 9 double sided puzzle discs. The game also comes with 4 different packs of colour markers, so you can mark of when you have found the word or picture sequence.


There are three different levels there are:

Blue – Search for the picture sequence, this is a great way to introduce children to the world of wordsearches. Its a great way for children to develop sequencing  and spatial awareness

Red – This level has pictures and the words on. Which helps children  start to recognises  what the words look like to the picture. They will be able to start looking for consonant clusters and vowel combinations without them realising,

Green – This level is just the words with the letters O,E,I,A,U in red so the children can learn that these ae the vowel letters.


The game is very easy to set up, I  will have a little video on my YouTube channel on the set up of the game very soon, but it is very easy to do. You clip a Wordsearch of your choice onto the board and you spin the blue outer circle  to find new words to look for. once you have found the words you can put your colour marker over those letters. If another play has to cross your word they just swap your maker for theirs.


This game is a all round fun and educational game. Wordsearch Junior will help support and develop reading and letter recognition for all children.  It also  provides a great way for the children to develop their reasoning skills, whilst enriching their vocabulary through images, words and letters.

The game retails at £18.99 and you can check where your nearest stockist is by visiting


I personally would happily pay the £18.99 for this game as not only is it educational, it is also great fun for all the family. I would also recommend this game for any child who may be struggling with their reading and their language skills. Bear really enjoyed playing this with his aunt, uncle , his Great Uncle and his great Grandmother  at the weekend and with his friend during the half term.