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Why we love living in Kent….

Why we love living in Kent…..

We are 35/40 minutes away from central London, and have direct train to Charing cross, London bridge and Waterloo.

We have the country side right on our doorstep, little villages and of course a small town center which seems to be getting better and better each year I am here.

We have two big supermarkets within 2-10 minutes drive and another on about 30 minutes either way from where we are.

We have hardly any buses, they come every 30-60 minutes.. sometimes I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

We have some lovely schools, where 60% of the schools still only have max 30 children, my son’s class has currently 27 children.

We have a few private schools ! (If only my budget would stretch!!)

We have a few grammar schools too!

More importantly we have a lovely village we live in and my Daughter will be going to a pre-school where my cousin went 18 years ago and the same ladies are there!