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Watching the bond grow part two…. 

Okay I am aware I’ve written about this before but this one is just a blog with some beautiful (taken on the phone!) Photos so through quality isn’t that great… but they have certainly captured the moment of bonding….

Ice cream time….

A week old and home…. 

I’m taking over your bed Bear….

Our first bundle…. (yep Bell won that one!)

You have never been to London before Bell, I will make sure your safe ….

I love you Bear.. 

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The bond is Growing…

How amazing it is to see siblings bond? There is about 2 year age gap between my two, when Bell was born bear came to visit with his aunty and uncle (seriously no idea how we would of coped as all my family work 8-6 90% of the time, but my cousin was manager of a restaurant so swapped shifts about to help) anyway Bear was more interested in the machines in the room than the new baby!
Once Bell started walking and babbling Bear was more interested to play.
Now at 5 and almost 3 the bond is amazing. Bell really misses him when his at school and Bear misses her too!
I really can not wait until the school holidays where they can spend time together, they are already writing where they want to go?!