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Vaccine Series Part 1 Bear and his reaction to MMR

I used to be pro vaccine, I am now sitting on the fence twiddling my thumbs doing so much thinking and research my head is going to explode.


This Blog post isn’t to cause upset or to start a debate, I do love a debate though, but not on the blog. Every parent makes a choice which suits their family and their life style. So here is my post about Bear and his reaction to MMR, and what has spurred me to do more research into what is in vaccines and why do we really need them? Is it for profit or for actual health benefits, and more importantly are they actually 100% safe.

Bear has had all his vaccines up to 1 year with no problems, so imagine my surprise and concern when Bear had a reaction to his MMR at 18 months old. He had the injection fine and we were sent into the waiting room to make sure we didn’t have a reaction. In the space of 5 minutes, Bear was covered in a rash from head to toe and he started wheezing! The doctor came out and gave him Piriton, which luckily worked, but we were told to go to accident and emergency just to get him checked over. There we were told he would have to have any vaccines done at the hospital. So when his pre-school booster came along of we went to have it done, luckily no reaction.

Bell has so far had no reaction either.

I then met a friend via facebook, she is lovely and is a mum who is very down to earth and has also opened my eye’s to the bigger picture. I certainly wish she was around when Bear was born, I think I could of learnt a lot.

Anyway, she opened my eyes to what actually goes into vaccines, some things aren’t even given to animals, so why are we humans being given them? What are the long term effects of the newer vaccines which have come out in the last 5-6 years? Why do we really need vaccines is it for the government to gain financial gain or is it for our actual health benefits? Why aren’t new parents offered the slip which contains all the medicine in their child’s vaccine a few day’s or weeks before they have them?

I am now reading as much information as I possibly can on this. Bear got his Flu vaccine letter a few day’s ago and I have declined it, why? Because I want to fully research everything before I give it to him, why? Because I felt awful after I had my flu vaccine, I felt awful for weeks my immune system was so low it was not good, I had no energy or motivation.

Now You can see why I am now researching? Asking questions many Doctors, Nurses, Health Visitors and GP’s don’t really know the answer to. I wonder what I will find?

Have you done any research into Vaccines? what did you find?

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Are we being over prescribed?

This is a very interesting topic for me. Purely as I have been on so much medicines from a young age due to medical problems. (All almost okay now!) 
I have been watching the news closely and there was a recent news report saying that many antibiotics are no longer working on certain bugs and viruses.

Why? The reason being is they are apparently over prescribing. 

With Bear, I was very much oh he has a temperature I would give a bit of calpol. But once he hit two I thought no he needs to start building his immune system up. 

When Bell was born I now hardly use Calpol or nurofen. I have started to let their immunity build up. 


The body can actually heel (with MOST!) Bugs and virus without the use of medicine. We really do not need to be pumping chemically enhanced drugs into our system. We need to eat a balanced diet and have really good hygiene. Also a few germs do not actually matter. It helps to build our body’s immunity up.

Children should not actually get a temperature when they have a injection, it’s the body fighting of the unnatural fluid which has been entered into their bodies. 

With this choice I am making, I obviously will take them to the GPS if needed but I now will be asking if there are any other treatments I could try before we go down the prescribed medicine route.I will also make sure their diet is very balanced and encouraging them to fight of bugs and viruses them self’s 

I feel the less medicine they have the quicker they will get over any illness they get. 

I am very lucky Bell and Bear are hardly poorly and I think that is because I hardly use medicine.

I am also looking into the research of vaccines too. The latest vaccine is the chicken pox vaccine. With any illness there are risks, and this virus has been around for century’s and the death toll for chicken pox is very very low. If the Chicken pox vaccine comes available on the NHS  (it is currently between £300-400 per vaccine!) I will koto be letting Bear and Bell have it. Stuiped  I hear you say? Nope I have just done my research. 

What are your views?