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Christmas Tradition

When I was younger we always used to see Family on Christmas Eve and Boxing day. We always used to have Chinese on Christmas eve too.

These have still stuck now I have my own two children.

As a family we have two other  Christmas Traditions, Every year we buy one or two new decorations, which the children choose themselves and they go into a box (I have to take a photo of what decorations they have each so they go into the right boxes) The plan is when they either leave home or get married (I can’t decide which one as of yet!)  they will get their  box of Christmas decorations.

We also have Buddy the Elf who comes to visit! The Elf on the Shelf is a American tradition which has come over from across the pond, well the big ocean to be totally honest. The Elf can be naughty or nice, our elf does a bit if both. He comes from the North Pole to watch over the children and report back to Santa. The children really enjoying seeing what he gets up to and we take photos daily, or when I remember to do so!




I asked Being Tilly’s Mummy what her family’s Christmas Tradition is and here is what she say’s

“Every Christmas Morning my older kids and Tilly all get in bed with me to open our stockings. The older two are 24 and 21. This year there is my son’s girlfriend Amber and that’s going to be strange for her to get into bed with us all.”

I also had a lovely chat with A free from Life about their Christmas traditions and here is what she say’s

“My Youngest has his birthday on Christmas day, so every year we have Christmas in the morning and birthday in the afternoon. It’s spilt with lunch midday- Christmas Dinner with birthday cake for pudding!”  

Last but not least is Me, My life and the Tardis

“In my house we have an traditional that accidentally formed. We all go off and do our own things for a few hours because my mum normally needs a afternoon nap as she has had about a bottle of baileys!”

As you can see everyone’s Christmas Traditions are very different but very special to each family.

What are your Christmas Traditions?

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What I love about Christmas

Okay, Yes, I am aware we are still in November, but I thought I would share a few things I love about Christmas. Why? One main reason I have writers block again and I am sitting in the coffee shop drinking skittles milkshake and eating a chicken and bacon panni (oh yes I can multitask!)

 Let’s start with Christmas Traditions!

Ever since I was little I always remember having Chinese on Christmas eve. And it has stuck ever since. Just like visiting dad’s side of the family Christmas eve and mums side boxing day it still has stuck.

A new tradition we have is “Buddy the Elf” he comes from the North Pole and keeps a eye on the children and goes back at night time to let Santa know if they are being naughty or nice, but when he comes back he either does something really helpful, plays a trick or does something really naughty! This makes Bear Laugh and he still remembers Buddy the Elf putting his pants on the Christmas tree. I feel this adds to the Magic of Christmas!

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I also love Christmas because of the films, these are my top 5, they are mostly about children and adults not believing in the magic of Christmas. Which to me just adds to the magic!

  1. Miracle on 34th street
  2. Elf
  3. The polar Express
  4. Santa Claus – The Movie
  5. Arthur Christmas

If you haven’t seen them do!

I love the decorations and the tree.

I love the magic on the children’s faces on Christmas morning, when they look under the tree and see presents which haven’t been there the night before. The magic of putting reindeer food out and leaving the magic key (we live in a flat!).

I am one of these strange people who love wrapping presents, especially if the tree is up, it is so nice sitting on the floor, with a Christmas film on, a small glass of wine  and a box of chocolates.

The one thing I dislike about Christmas is family who are no longer with us. It does get easier every year but it never gets easier. If that makes sense?

I also don’t celebrate New year’s eve, I personally think it should be a time to remember, reflect and think about how the following year can be better.

As I get older I realise it isn’t the receiving that makes the magic happen, it’s the kindness and generosity of others, the spending time with people that matter and if you are luckily enough to receive a gift the thoughtfulness which goes into it.


I am feeling very excited that the Magical month of December is coming and that we will be meeting Santa to ask him nicely what we would like, mine would be kindness and compassion around the world, and a BMW mini cooper. (okay I’m pushing my luck there I know!)

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Elf on the Shelf….

This post is Christmas related ….. 

Have you heard of Elf on the Shelf? 

Okay… to me it’s a very American tradition. The Elf which arrives on the 1st December every year. The Elf is sent by Father Christmas to come and keep a eye out on your child and make sure they are being good so they can stay on the nice list.

Every family seems to do things differently. 

Last year (2015) we had Buddy the naughty Elf to visit. Oh he was a pickle he ate all the chocolates out the sweet box, he swung from the light shades and he even knocked over the Christmas tree amongst other things. 

Bear and Bells favourite thing last year was their pants and knickers on the Christmas tree! 

Some families have a nice Elf come to stay. They do really helpful and kind things. They leave notes to say thank you for having me, bring some thing of the children’s favourite things, leave the chocolate box untouched, do the ironing and the hoovering. 

I’m hoping the nice Elf comes this year.

The Elf goes Christmas eve morning so he can help santa prepare for the long night he has ahead of him… He leaves  nice breakfast and a Christmas eve box which has new pj’s, dvd, hot chocolate and a snack.

Will you be having a visit from A Elf this year? I hope we do…..