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My essentials …

My essentials for a trip out with Bell and Bear, are getting less and less as they are getting older. 

Bell is now having hardly any accidents and Bear is very good too.

My essentials are as followed

  • A drink 
  • A snack
  • Baby wipes 
  • Change of clothes for Bell
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Suncream
  • Sun hats
  • Foldable toilet seat

As you can see the list is small! 

It’s amazing that a tiny baby can have so much bits and pieces to turning almost 3 and you hardly need anything! 

And the best bit is they fit into my little Pink lining changing bag!!!! 

Now which one to use…. 

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Dear Bear…

Obviously Bear is your nick name it goes well with your real name.
Mummy and daddy weren’t really together, it was still early days when I feel pregnant with you, but you certainly was not a mistake. You were the light to my darkness, you will never know a special lady who would of adored you so much. Special Nana died about 18 months before you were born from cancer when you are older I will tell you anything you want or need to know about her but this letter is about you.
Mummy and daddy we found out you were a boy and we decide to call you Jasper, I was adamant that is what you were called! Obviously you aren’t called that mummy came to her senses as you had orange hair!
You were a very happy baby always laughing to somebody who mummy couldn’t see and you always had a smile for the ladies!
As you got older you weaned yourself of your bottle, and toilet trained yourself, I am quite laid back when it comes to that sort of thing!
Bell came along and you adored her you still do most days.
You started pre-school and you loved it! We had some sadness when you were at pre-school patch and smudge passed away 18 months apart from each other, they were very old.
Time passed and you are now almost a year 1 boy! Where has the time gone! You make me proud every day even when you are driving me mad!
Much love
Mummy xx

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Me, Myself and I… Oh wait who am I kidding…

I am a mum of two Bell who will be three soon and Bear who turned 5 in the last couple of months. I also have two fur babies and a big child who will be 36 in a few weeks… the Big child is my husband if you didn’t guess!

We aren’t rich, we aren’t poor. We don’t live in a big house and I currently have drawings over my wall by the children. Unless you ask Bell who did it and she say’s Willow the cat. Yep my thoughts too how can a cat draw on the wall.

wellies and mud


If anybody ask’s what I do they will probably ask what don’t I do… I work part-time, I help with the local Rainbows unit (Girlguding), I love reading and I am there for my friends when they are feeling down and out.

I used to live near Lewisham, which is in London, but have always had family living in Kent. When my mum passed away of Cancer I moved to were I am now, and I love it. I have the countryside on my doorstep and live in a lovely little village. If anybody who knew me when I lived in Lewisham said where could you see yourself in 10-15 years time living I certainly would not of said Kent! I am certainly turning into the country girl and the London girl is certainly disappearing, but it won’t go 100%.

We love our Holiday’s ….well I certainly do! A week in the sunshine no work, no school and no cooking! We love being outside when the weather is nice and not so nice! We love just dancing in the rain and laying in muddy puddles! Hench the photo of the Muddy wellies in the wash!

We love baking and craft, We love spending time with family and friends. We love just chilling and watching a DVD or playing board games even though  I admit I do cheat a bit!

Hope you enjoy reading my Blog, I’m sure you will get used to my awful spellings and punctuation!