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Lanazorte 2013

**back to the past**

We went to Lanazorte when Bear was little and I was pregnant with Bell. 

It was Bears first trio to the airport and he loved it he was unsure of going through the security machine but do you blame him it must be scary for a child. He choose a magazine, some sweets and of course a drink for the plane.

The flight was great, we had  early morning flight, we packed small toys from the pound shop and wrapped in tissue paper, so he could open up during the flight, it worked really well. We also took sone of our own snacks too. He played, ate and had a sleep! 

We stayed in a hotel  (baby brain has made me forget the name!) Which was flintstone themed. Unfortunately the room wasn’t but that didn’t bother me at all. 

There was little dinosaurs to sit on and ride on. 

The little play park was good too but more for a 3 year old plus child. Bear enjoyed it Though!!!

The hotel was clean and the food was okay. The children’s pool was just a round pool no slide but Bear was very happy with that.

We visited the local zoo which had a play park, water park and lots of lovely animals which had so much space to roam around and it was so clean, and it was reasonable priced too!

Bear loved the beach he was very happy toddling up and down on the sand building sand castles and padding in the sea! 

The weather was amazing, and I really do not understand why people call Lanazorte, lanzorgote at all! 

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We Love Hastings

We are so lucky to have a beautiful beach less than an hour away (depending on traffic). I have been going to Hastings since I was a baby, and I have since taken Bell and Bear there too! It has undergone many changes all for the better. There has always been the aquarium, little road train and  of course the pier.

Unfortunately the pier has now gone, as there was a fire, but the aquarium is still there, along with the arcades, a medium size boating lake and a small funfair.

There is now a museum with modern art and it also has a ramp over the pebbles to make getting to the sea easier for those with buggies or a wheelchair. There is also a fab new (about 3/4 year old) play park with a sand pit as the beach is mainly pebbles.

It was so nice to see Bell and Bear together as this was around March/April time and Bear has been at school since the previous September.

We had so much fun! We played on the trampolines (they have been there since I was a tiddler) , played on the beach, visited the aquarium and the boat museum.

We also had fish and chips by the sea and played in the arcades. The arcades have lots of 10-20p machines where the little ones could win anything from a sweet to a teddy with a £5 note attached!

Cant’t wait till our next adventure there maybe we will venture up the North Hill lift and see the abbey…