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Having creative fun with Interplay UK

We love craft and anything messy in our house! We were very excited to receive a parcel from the new  Craft box range from Interplay UK . We received the Create your own Pencil pets, Fuzzkins Cottontail Cottage and the Animal Selfie Studio.  


So lets start with the

Create your own Pencil Pets – Puppy pack

I am always worried about children’s pencil toppers as I have come across some really hard eraser ones which don’t do anything or some which are really flimsy erasers which break straight away. So imagine my surprise when I opened the box to the Pencil Pet Puppy pack. The toppers where not at all flimsy and were not to hard either but they are very sturdy and they also double up as a eraser and a puzzle too!

This is aimed at children aged 5 years plus but  Bell was very excited to create her own puppy pets pencil as was Bear. They were so egar that they made one before they even had breakfast!  They come in a set of two (one yellow and one purple) along with a pencil to match and lots of stickers and accessories  to choose from. The stickers were of various collars and a good choice of circle shapes. The pack also came with some little hats and glasses which are made from PVC to jazz the Pet up with.

Bear thought they were great, he choose the yellow puppy and turned him into a Puppy Pirate! Bear loved the fact he could even swap the faces so he could have a purple face puppy with a yellow body but Bell wasn’t too keen on this idea. He loved the idea that if he got bored of his puppy looking like a pirate with glasses it was very simple to take the glasses of and also really easy to put the glasses back on if he wanted to. There were a choice of hats to but Bear didn’t think it would go well with the pirate theme, so he used a bandana instead!

Bell loved the fact it was a puppy! I’m sure she would of been happy to just leave her one without any stickers and accessories. Bell had a good look and she choose to jazz her one up to be a princess reindeer! Bell did need a bit of help with her one but it is aimed at children aged 5 plus but she really enjoyed making it, even though she had a bit of help from mummy!


I really enjoyed helping Bell make her Pet Pencil, it is a brilliant activity and even though its for 5 years plus I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this for a younger child. I also love the fact that you could mix and match the paws and faces so you could make a yellow and purple puppy if you wanted to. You can also buy them in pink and blue too, and their is also a Kitten range also.  I think  would make a good stocking filler as it isn’t as messy as some of the craft activities which are in the shops . It would also make a lovely birthday present for a school friend or a relative.

Fuzzkins Cottontail Cottage

The Fuzzkins cottage is aimed for children from 4 years plus.

Fuzzkins Cottontail Cottage is a little 3D book with two pages made from hardwearing card.

The first page is the living area with a pop up table, kitchen, bunk beds and stairs, the second page has a pop up tepee, chair, bathroom and sink. There are also fully opening doors through out the cottage.  There is plenty of space to put the stickers which come with the cottage. The cottage comes with three felt tips.


There are  lots of stickers which you can use to create your own homely feel to your little cottage.

The bunnies which come with the Fuzzkins Cottontail cottage remind me of the Sylvania families. The rabbits are very good quality and the best bit is you can colour them in yourself!

Bear said it was a bit girly when he saw the box, but he really enjoyed playing with this with his sister. Overall it has given Bell and Bear hours of playing, and creating little stories, decorating the cottage and designing their own little characters.


Animal Selfie Studio

I saved this for when it was just myself and Bear. Why? As much as I think Bell would of loved this too, Bear saw it hidden on top of the wardrobe and asked if we could do it when he had a inset day. How could I say no to that?


So Bell went to Pre-school, and me and Bear had mummy and Son time! Which I think its very important to have time with each child separately.

First thing was first was to download the app!

The app is designed to work with a tablet but can work on a IPhone, android, google app store too!

With the app downloaded we started to play with some animal faces, this app is so easy to use, even I can use it and I am awful with any apps, unless its Facebook .


The box came with a Monkey, Lion, Wolf Project so we could make our own Animal, to put on cards, a badge, bag tag  or make a Monkey door hanger! This activity is aimed at children 5 years plus, I would say it would be great also for children aged 3 plus with adult help.

The animals came in foam pieces which can be stuck together by peeling the back of and easy to stick to each other. Bear did find getting the edge of the sticky paper bit off a little bit tricky but with my help I found the end and he continued to make his own Monkey door hanger with his face in! Bear also enjoyed making a Card with a Wolf stuck on the front as he thought it would scare Daddy!

(Sorry peeps Bear said no photo to that!)


We really enjoyed this, it was full of laughing and enjoyment. The photos from the app can be shared to Instagram , Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, email and many more so you can share the fun with your friends and family too.

We loved all of these creative toys, Bell really enjoyed the Fuzzkins Cottontail Cottage, which she has taken in to pre-school to show her friends and Bear loved the Animal Selfie activity, which is apparently his own special game! I loved the pencil pet topper as it is great for a quick to do craft, Bear has taken his puppy into school and his friends thought it was great, I have had mums ask where it is from already!

Overall these are all well made and very simple to use and do, which in a busy family life we all need something which is hassle free to do!


I am a stay at home mum who lives in Kent , who loves to Blog!

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