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We LOVE Books!

Who doesn’t love a good book?

I love the fact Bear and Bell are becoming right little book worms! Do you think we have too many book’s?


I love reading too, I can read two-three book’s a month. I read anything from Romance to Crime. Anything has started to take my fancy.

Bear and Bell could ope itn a book shop with the amount of books they have.

We are now starting to get into Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the BFG are my all time Favorites, and I remember watching the films when I was younger. Once I got older the books became even better!

I am so pleased my love of reading has rubbed of on Bell and Bear. I think it’s because I 90% of the time have something to read in my hand bag whether it’s a magazine or a book there is always something to read in the bag.

I prefer a book to a Kindle as much as I think the Kindle is a fab idea and so handy if you are travelling a lot, for me a good book with pages, a small glass of wine, some chocolate and a quite space is always a winner for me over a night out.

Now back to Bell and Bear!

We are currently reading some old school classic’s. By old school classic’s these are books I also read when I was younger.


We have set up a little corner in the living room especially for reading, it is in a little crany we have no idea what to do with!

After meeting with Bear’s new year 1 teacher and getting some leaflets its 100% important to read daily and for 10-15 minutes with your child, We already do this but for a bit longer!

To have space for children to write and practice writing and role play for writing.

Speak about everything and anything! I am currently reading our loud what I am writing.

So we Love reading do you? What is your favorite book?




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Farmers Market


We Love A Farmers Market!

I keep missing them though. The local farmer’s market is on the 4th Sunday of the month but with Swimming lessons and general family life it all goes so fast!

I have decided to try as much as possible to buy BRITISH and LOCAL. It is so much nicer and fresher to!

We will be starting to go strawberry picking and other Fruit and Vegetable picking over the summer so hopefully when Bear is back to school and Bell Starts Pre-school we will have a good routine going. Yes I am a bit worried that it will end up costing more but at least I will 100% know where my families food comes from and I will also be supporting the local and the whole of the UK’s farmers. Especially now we are out of the European Union, I feel now more than ever supporting the small farmers who are on our doorstep, as it will be them who suffer with the exit.

They may not be able to sell aboard for the cost it is costing now it will end up costing them a bit more which wouldn’t be good as after all they also have families to feed, their children to dress and most probleya after school club or another extra activity to do.


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Cancer sucks

Here is the deal Cancer sucks! It sucks so much!
It is a horrible illness which eats away at you from the inside and sometimes the outside too, You can not have any side effects until the last minute, some times you catch it at the start. It can tear families apart, it can make families get closer.
Why am I writing about Cancer? My mum had cancer. Cancer of the bone, breast, brain and liver.
She sadly passed away after a short battle. I’ve seen things that you would not want you worse enemy to see. I have seen a dead body. My mind has seemed to block that image out. I’ve watched men, woman and children have chemo, I’ve seen people loose their hair.
I have experienced first hand that losing a mum at 26 is horrible (any age is horrible!)
She has missed out on meeting her grandson and granddaughter, she has missed my wedding day, she has missed Bears first’s and Bell’s first’s.
She has missed many birthdays and birthday parties.
I found out I was pregnant officially the day before the anniversary of her 2nd year parting I’m sure it was a sign.
So it bugs me when people moan about there mums,they should be so lucky that they are alive and want to see their grandchildren some people and grandchildren aren’t so lucky

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Growing up….

I was brought up in Downham, near Lewisham London, from day one to around 6 years old of my life I had not one but two open heart operations, suffered from muscle weakness, brittle bones and wore glasses. I have been on Steroids, I have broken my leg once, can’t even remember how.
6-15 years old, I managed to avoid steroids, but had every three month check ups at GUYS Hospital for my heart, this eventually went to every 6 months to a year to none! (yay!) I feel and pulled my ligaments in my knee when I was 14 which got me out of pe!
I left school and went to college to study child care and got amazing grades. Whilst studying I worked in a health club with children aged 8-16 years old teaching games, and teaching how to use the gym equipment. I have been room supervisors and deputy manager before I became a Nanny. I have been a Nanny for 10 years now and its can be really hard work but I would not change it for the world. I am also a rainbows leads.

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The bond is Growing…

How amazing it is to see siblings bond? There is about 2 year age gap between my two, when Bell was born bear came to visit with his aunty and uncle (seriously no idea how we would of coped as all my family work 8-6 90% of the time, but my cousin was manager of a restaurant so swapped shifts about to help) anyway Bear was more interested in the machines in the room than the new baby!
Once Bell started walking and babbling Bear was more interested to play.
Now at 5 and almost 3 the bond is amazing. Bell really misses him when his at school and Bear misses her too!
I really can not wait until the school holidays where they can spend time together, they are already writing where they want to go?!

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Why we love the outdoors….

I think these photo’s sum up the outdoors to us as a family, even though I don’t think Hubby agree’s. I am very much if they are getting covered in mud yay! Hubby is “out of the mud you will get dirty!”

I think children should be able to explore all their environments, but only if they are safe to do.

Building mud pies I personally think is the main part of being a child, splashing in mud and getting their hands dirty!

Bear wasn’t into Mud and Dirt when he was tiny but now he is at school he isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the mud!

Bell however isn’t keen but will certainly grab her wellies for a bit of splashing in the rain and a muddle puddles I blame Pepper Pig for this!

One thing I wouldn’t change as a family we don’t really plan for day’s out everything we do is usually spontaneous and last minute.

This summer we are going away, we are going to have a mini Glastonbury in the garden ,without the rain I hope, a few day trips and a few trips to National Trust sites.  What are your Plans this summer?

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Disney Cars ….

We Recently spent the day at Brands Hatch.

I came across a post on Facebook that mentioned the Car’s from the Disney film Cars were going to be up there!

I was a tad excited we didn’t tell the children we were going so all the way there we had “are we there yet?” “where are we going?” “are we going on a plane?” “I’m hungry!” the usual rambling’s of a child or two!

We took packed lunch, I am so glad we did a Burger and chips was almost £8 with out a drink, but the food did look amazing for burger and chips!

There were a lot of car’s from america NYPD and LA police force and a man in uniform!

The children loved watching the cars zoom around the track and we were going to walk in the pit area but Bell was starting to slow down, this was the first day we didn’t take a buggy!

There is a little play park and there were bouncy castles the lady running one of them even swapped with the gentleman so she could help Bell which was very thoughtful of her to do even though I was very happy to go on too!

The children saw a ice cream van and asked for one so we said yes especially as the weather was very warm and we did so much walking around!


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When you feel down and out…

I had such a rubbish day three weeks ago, I was already emotional, I had a grand total of 3.5 hours sleep, my boss asked me to try ignoring NG (nanny Girl) as all she was doing was crying for no reason, I went to toddler group, NG just cried, wanted to be held constantly which mum asked me not to do. She had a clean nappy, didn’t need milk, just wanted to be held all day. Saw some mums who I knew, im sure they were being helpful but I felt very undermined, they see NG for a few hours a week I am with her 4 days (now 2) asking if she needed her nappy changed, if she needed milk, I gave up and walked out of the group crying. This is so unlike me! I called my health visitor up and she said as it was only yesterday I was emotional and stressed Tha it was unlikely that I was developing Post natal depression which can start anytime and is more likely to develop when you have children under 5. I was glad as depression runs in my family, my uncle has depression and is a alcoholic but has good day’s and bad… My mum was diagnosed with cancer and I am sure she had depression but wasn’t treated due to the treatment she was on made her sick so it wouldn’t of helped.
Anyway I feel so lucky that it isn’t I have seen first hand what depression can do to you and sometimes as a family. My views and I would say to anybody if you see a friend having a bad day take the time to find out what’s wrong, don’t ignore them especially when the behaviour you see is so unlike them, I know I would make sure they were okay, because if they are depressed the earlier you notice the more you can do to help.

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We are so lucky where we live, we have so much open space right outside our door (well almost!)

We are a short drive to a few lovely Bluebell spots.

This is my all time favorite place, it is about a ten minute drive from where we are but my Nan used to live about 10 Minutes walk, until she moved to be nearer family due to old age.

The wood’s back on to a garden center, you used to be able to use the wood’s as a cut through but now as times are changing they have closed it of.

The wood’s also go across a motorway bridge and is a great spot for people walking dogs.

Walking across the motor way bridge freaks me out even though it has a very high see through fence, for some reason the though of cars and lorry’s driving under at 70 (who am I kidding more like 80-90 mph!) it’s scary… the children how ever love it and wave to the car’s!

The bluebells are over the bridge and go for a good few miles… I know the Bluebell’s have ended now but if you get a chance do pop to see some they look and smell amazing and like Bear said to Bell “If you sit still you may see a fairy?”

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Why Did I Decide to Blog…


In my house we love mud, baking, craft, meeting friends and having fun! It’s mainly me as hubby work’s practically 7.45-5 then some day’s its 7.45-11/12pm! It’s like being a single mum when his very busy, he also works Saturday’s and the occasional Sunday’s too! Now you can see what I mean by it’s like being a single mum!


Why did I decide to start Blogging?

This is actually my third attempt at blogging! I decide to start blogging to start a sort of journal for Bell and Bear. But with work commitments and family life everything seemed to get in the way. So this is my third and last chance of having a go at being a blogger!

There are pro’s and negatives to blogging, first the pro’s…. There is a lovely memory of what you have been up to as a family and how your life has changed. The beautiful photos too. But Blogging can also be about reviews and what you think of a product. I am not saying I won’t review I will never say never but at this moment in time I am not reviewing products, maybe when or IF should be the correct word I get lots of followers then I may start, Unless Walt Disney, wish to me to review one of their Amazing Hotels then obviously I will jump at the chance to do a review… Who wouldn’t ??

mudpies and fairy wings

The con’s are your family are on show and you never know who is reading the blog, I personally will not be taking photo’s of my children in the bath or naked for this blog, I wouldn’t want a image like that on my blog whether its my own child or someone else.

I think my children’s education comes first well before blogging, If a chance ever came up to take Bear (Bell is at Pre-school so a bit more laid back) out of school for a 4 night break during school term, I would decline, Unless its Walt Disney. On a serious note if I could make sure the break was 100% educational and obviously  the school agreed  and I felt it would actually benefit him and her and not just I need a break I would seriously consider it, but the likeness would be a no.

hastings 2016

I would also be very cautious in what I wrote if it had other people in, as I wouldn’t want them to be upset over something I have written, Friendship and Family come first over blogging, but this is my own personal views.

With the summer holiday’s fast approaching I thought it would be a great time to start again as a Blogger, especially as I work part time, Volunteer with the local Girl-guide’s Unit and of course being a mummy to Bear and Bell!


I am of to start my adventure into the world of blogging… wish me luck I am sure going to need it!