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Our Spooky Half Term Fun 2016


What is a Spooky half term without Pumpkin Picking?

Bell and Bear loved pumpkin picking there was so much choice. There were little pumpkins and giant pumpkins! Of course Bear chose a giant pumpkin which I was dreading carving! Bell chose a sensible size one.

We went to a local pick your own, which is ten minutes from our house, we usually go their for strawberry picking too!


Bell had her first cinema trip and we saw Trolls at Odeon cinema , they were both very well behaved and sat so nicely, I even managed to loose the carpark ticket, which wasn’t good! But it was all okay the nice ticket man let me of the fine and I paid for the 3 hours we were there.


We went to a Halloween birthday party! We had so much fun! There was a entertainer called Silly Billy and all the children loved him and the grown ups too as he was very funny!


We sat in traffic jams!

Okay this isn’t typically a fun time, as traffic jams are awful at the best of times but with these two clowns traffic jams aren’t too bad!


We visited National Trust Emmetts Garden and rolled down the hill and went on a pumpkin hunt with some friends who we hadn’t seen in ages! This was very spur of the moment, and we all had a amazing time, and the weather was amazing for October!


The car broke down!

Need I say more?


We visited Coolings Nature Trail. We love it here, the children can run about in a safe area and the best bit they now have my favourite animals…. OWLS! It is also great value for money and we can go in any season.


We had a play date with a pirate! Okay not technically a pirate but a lovely little girl called H who Bear used to go to pre-school with, she is now in reception and Bell goes to pre-school with her brother G, so it was fun to catch up even though Bear had about 4 tantrums whilst we were there!

We were so lucky to go to Kent Life , to join in with their spooktastic Halloween event! The children loved meeting the animals in cuddle corner, playing on the bouncy castle, the play park, looking around the houses and looking for the ghosts. We also went on the tractor and the land train too! We were so busy we even managed to see a bubble show  soft play too!


And we all know half term isn’t complete without the DVD, popcorn on the sofa day!

How has your half term been???



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