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What Brexit means to me

If you don’t already know the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. And also where have you been? 

Before the vote I was very adamant that we should leave the EU. After speaking to a small girl (I was babysitting she is also in secondery school) she tried to presuade me to vote stay. After thinking about it over night I asked on my local mums Facebook page. It reached over 1,000 comments and no idea how many likes in total for comments and likes for my actual post. It was very strange to see so many nice comments from both sides. It certainly made me realise that I was actually listing more to the media than finding out the real facts. 

I found myself thinking more and more about how I should vote and what would be best for my family.

If I voted to stay in the EU, Bell and Bear would have the opportunity to travel Europe without visas and attended college, university and live anywhere in the EU. 

We would have support from other countries. 

We would have a great import and export.

More business’s would want to come and have offices here.

And more importantly the amount the pound cost wouldn’t plummet. 

If I voted to leave the EU it would mean Bell and Bear wouldn’t have the opportunity to study and live in Europe freely they would have to apply for visas. 

We won’t be able to travel freely around Europe.

The pound may plummet. 

Businesses may leave London with the uncertainly of how we will cope being out the EU

People may loose their jobs.

the list can go on and on.

We have now had our vote and many people have voted to leave the European Union. Why? Many people have most probably been listing to media and saying it will make our country safer and the immigrants and migrants will be sent back home. But who knows what the main reason is.

I have friends who are from European countries and as we haven’t started the exit of the EU, article 50 is yet to be signed, there is so much uncertainly in what is going to happen. 

Am I worried? I am a bit but I am a firm beliver that what is ment to be will be and that what ever happens as a nation, a country and as the world it will make us stronger as a country and we will over come any challenges there are in the future.



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