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A trip to the Circus 

In March 2012 the government in Westminster announced a ban of using wild animals in circuses in England. Some circuses do still use Animals as they have a licence. But only certain animals are allowed.

I do not agree with Animals in circuses. It is not nice for the aninals to be transported on almost a daily baisic, the cages or containers they are in are not good enough to move around in. 

Anyway we visited a circus this week and it was brilliant! The father in law treated us all. There were no animals there, and the acts were mainly people spinning of ropes, balancing of beams and juggling. 

They also had a ball of dome, I think that’s what it was called Bell wasn’t impressed she covered her eyes and I had to agree with her on that one! 

Bear on the other hand loved all of it especially the slinky! 

Tickets were from £12 adults to £9 for the children depending on where you sit. We managed to sit right near the front as it was so empty.


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3 thoughts on “A trip to the Circus 

  1. Was gobsmacked recently to learn there are still some travelling circus animals in the States. Honestly thought they’d long since done away with that 🙁

      1. I think the use of some animals is worse than others if that makes sense? The one big US circus I read up on and saw footage of retired all of its elephants earlier this year and moved them to live out their days in a sanctuary which is great but then I spotted another video with tigers being made to “sit pretty” and perform tricks for the most cocksure, arrogant trainer whom the tigers clearly loathed and wanted to shred to ribbons. Presumably they didn’t because they knew and feared the consequences which made it all the more disturbing to watch.

        One took a few warning swipes at him too but he turned it into part of the act and pretended he had things well under control etc.

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