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What do you need for baby…. Changing bag essential’s

When your pregnant there are so many do’s and don’ts. 

From what you can eat, drink and more important what you should have for baby. 

I am going to do a few “what do you need for baby..” blogs. These are what I found really useful for me. I understand everyone is different and each child is different also.

Let’s start with newborn to six months.

My essentials for this age are:

*Nappies and Wipes

*Nappy cream

*Dummy (Bear didn’t have one but Bell did sometimes) 

*spare muslin (I usually took two with Bell Reflux babies!)

*one set of clothes (a quick trip) or two or three if out all day.

*Nappy cream 

*Bottles and milk. (Obviously if you are breastfeeding be proud and ignore the silly comments the 5% of people make. By law you can feed your child anywhere exempt being in a swimming pool!) 

6 months to 18/22 months.

Okay basically the same as above but you will be able to hopefully reduce the mount of clothes you take with you.

This is weaning stage so don’t forget to pack a drink of water, a spoon,a bib and maybe a bowl too! 

From 18 months plus some children start to potty train. I always suggest waiting until they are ready not you as it will 100% reduce the amount of accidents they have. 

When packing for a child who is toilet training always pack more knickers/pants and trousers than you need, they will come in handy. A great invention I found with Bell was a potty called potete potty. It folds down and easy to carry, it also turns into a toilet seat too! 

Don’t forget to pack the snacks and the drink too! 
There are so many different types of changing bags around now. I’ve had too many But I love Pink lining changing bags I have a little obsession with them. Now Bell needs less I have a little changing bag which is ideal as it fits my phone, keys, wipes and a change of clothes. 


I am a stay at home mum who lives in Kent , who loves to Blog!

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