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Day two of summer

It’s day two of summer, they are both hyper, they are both arguing with each other, Bell is being a little madam and demanding everything and anything.


We had to get out of the house try and burn some energy of.

We popped to Tesco and then to the Nature Trail for a run around.

The nature trail is lovely full of birds, goats, wallaby’s , pigs, ducks and chickens.

There are little paths and down most of the paths there are little houses made from natural materials.

There are also lots of ideas to encourage insects into your garden. Such as building Bug hotels and plants to attract certain bugs.

We can feed the fish, ducks and chickens for 20p each. Which I divide food mix between Bear and Bell.

The entry price isn’t too bad either, its one of the cheapest morning or afternoon out for a family and even cheaper if you buy the annual pass which I have done.


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We are so lucky where we live, we have so much open space right outside our door (well almost!)

We are a short drive to a few lovely Bluebell spots.

This is my all time favorite place, it is about a ten minute drive from where we are but my Nan used to live about 10 Minutes walk, until she moved to be nearer family due to old age.

The wood’s back on to a garden center, you used to be able to use the wood’s as a cut through but now as times are changing they have closed it of.

The wood’s also go across a motorway bridge and is a great spot for people walking dogs.

Walking across the motor way bridge freaks me out even though it has a very high see through fence, for some reason the though of cars and lorry’s driving under at 70 (who am I kidding more like 80-90 mph!) it’s scary… the children how ever love it and wave to the car’s!

The bluebells are over the bridge and go for a good few miles… I know the Bluebell’s have ended now but if you get a chance do pop to see some they look and smell amazing and like Bear said to Bell “If you sit still you may see a fairy?”