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Eagle Heights, Enysford , Kent



We were lucky enough to be invited to Eagle heights. Eagle heights is based in Enysford in Kent, which is the ideal location to see the birds fly. At Eagle heights there are seven different types of eagles, three vultures, five hawks and two falcons. There are also owls and a caracara, along with the usual chicken, ducks, raven and  few other birds.

There are also mammals, a few farm animals and sled dogs. I can’t forget that they have a small selection of reptiles too!


Eagle heights is the perfect size for families, its not too big and not too small, there is even a play area for over fives and a separate play area for under fives.  There are plenty of picnic tables so you can have a picnic or a reasonably priced tea room. There are signs about warning that food shouldn’t be eaten during the meetings of the animals which are at set times during the day. The centre is buggy and wheelchair friendly. Viewing the animals is also suitable for everyone.

The staff were amazing with the animals and were also friendly and helpful to the public.

The shop, tea room, toilets were very clean and tidy.

We were lucky enough to meet the husky’s. These are beautiful dogs and they look so happy and well cared for. There are experiences to have a personal meet with the husky’s along with husky rides where you are pulled along by a sledge and of course camping out with the husky’s. I will certainly be doing this once Bear and Bell are older as it sounds amazing, marshmallows around the fire, meeting the dogs and camping out. I just need to get over my fear of actually camping first!

There are also eagle shows where you can see these amazing, stunning birds fly and learn all about them. You can also do experience days too.

There is also a Owl experience which is available, I am very tempted to book this for myself whilst the children are at school. Owls are my favourite birds.

Prices for the experiences start from £80.

If you fall in love with one of the animals, you can also adopt them, obviously they stay living at the centre.

Eagle heights is working on wildlife conservation in the UK, whilst assisting on a conservation project in West Africa. If you fancy popping down to see the animals, and learn more about how they are helping Wildlife conservation both here in the UK and West Africa, prices for children are currently £4.95 for over 2’s, and adults are currently £8.95, with a slight discount for over 65’s, students, disabled and carers.

 Oh and did I mention the Crystal place eagel lives here? 






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One thing which has always fascinated me is History. I just love finding out about the past and how people used to live.

Photographs can tell a million different stories, Louis Daguerre  had the right idea he designed one of the early cameras in 1839, but their were two people before him who attempted to design a camera also.

Having Photographs can open so many emotions. It can open uncertainty, it can open happiness and it can open sadness.

I came across a photo recently of mum, she is sitting crying. I don’t know why,  but I can tell from the photo it was when we lived in Downham and it was a beautiful summers day. Another photo I came across was of my dad’s dad, my granddad on a trip to America when I was younger his wearing a clown hat, and his eyes are shining and he looked so happy and relaxed. He was with most of his children and grandchildren what more could a guy want to be surrounded by the ones he loved. I also remember thinking I was the luckiest girl in the world to be in Disney! I think we went for around 3 weeks!!!!

I love all the photo’s I take of my two. I prefer the non staged ones where they are not paying any attention to what I am doing, where they aren’t being told to stand there and smile. I think they show the true personality of them.

Here are a few of my favourite photos, yes some are done by my amazing friend Katie. We also have some amazing photos done by the very talented Nicky at NPphotography who did our pre wedding Photoshoot and our beautiful wedding day.

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Now these are my favourite un-edited, not staged photos!

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If you would like to see more of my photos and follow Bell and Bears adventures please pop over to my Instagram account.