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Lanazorte 2013

**back to the past**

We went to Lanazorte when Bear was little and I was pregnant with Bell. 

It was Bears first trio to the airport and he loved it he was unsure of going through the security machine but do you blame him it must be scary for a child. He choose a magazine, some sweets and of course a drink for the plane.

The flight was great, we had  early morning flight, we packed small toys from the pound shop and wrapped in tissue paper, so he could open up during the flight, it worked really well. We also took sone of our own snacks too. He played, ate and had a sleep! 

We stayed in a hotel  (baby brain has made me forget the name!) Which was flintstone themed. Unfortunately the room wasn’t but that didn’t bother me at all. 

There was little dinosaurs to sit on and ride on. 

The little play park was good too but more for a 3 year old plus child. Bear enjoyed it Though!!!

The hotel was clean and the food was okay. The children’s pool was just a round pool no slide but Bear was very happy with that.

We visited the local zoo which had a play park, water park and lots of lovely animals which had so much space to roam around and it was so clean, and it was reasonable priced too!

Bear loved the beach he was very happy toddling up and down on the sand building sand castles and padding in the sea! 

The weather was amazing, and I really do not understand why people call Lanazorte, lanzorgote at all! 

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I need to kick the sugar habit! 

I have a slight problem with sugar! Yes that’s right I admit Sugar is my weakness, it’s one hundred percent not good for me, or anybody for that matter. 

Last year and the previous year  (2014/2015) I would drink Lucozade as though it was going out of fashion. When we went to Zante  (beautiful island by the way and the turtles are huge!!) I brought a bottle of Lucozade from the local shop and I’m not sure what it was it could of been the heat or me reading that Lucozade contains Bull sperm (no idea how true this is!) But it certainly put me of from drinking it! 

I am now drinking lemonade and Pepsi, I need to stop! It makes me feel horrible, my skin looks horrible too. All dry and pastey. 

I also love puddings cheese cake is my weakness! I also love doughnuts, chocolate cake and chocolate bars!!! This also doesn’t help with the sugar habit. 

We are currently sunning our self’s in Menjorca and once I am back I will be tackling my sugar cravings and reducing the amount I have. What? One last week of eating sugar I need all the sugar I can get! (Haha)  I will be recording this as a weekly diary.. any ideas for a good name for my sugar diary or how to beat the sugar cravings???

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Knitting is not just a hobby 

Knitting is really not just a hobby to me. 

Yes I still try and find time to knit with two children, part time job and a house to run! 

It’s relaxing and it’s so easy to do once I got the knack of it! 

I am currently knitting a blanket for the winter it’s not going two bad BUT I am using a mix of thick and thin wool or yarn so it is going to look a bit mix match! 

I have a wide range of needles, yarn/wool and I even have something which makes circles. I haven’t mastered that bit yet! 

It’s relaxing as it can be. I always thought of knitting as a old persons hobby, but it really isn’t. Looking back on the history many people especially young ladies used to knit and sew in the war. I think it gave them something of a destraction from what was going on especially when  it was the war time. 

I started collecting Simply knitting magazine, but I have recently stopped as I can now actually find .any of the knitting patterns I want on line. And the bits were soon adding up! 

But saying that I will still buy the odd magazine about knitting! 

I also think skills like knitting, sewing are dying out. People are so quick to replace a item instead of repair it now a days. I will be hunting for a children’s sewing and knitting kit and will be teaching Bear and Bell these simple life skills. 

What is your hobby or how do you like to relax?? 

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It’s that time of year again..

It’s only my second year of buying school uniform and it certainly adds up. New shirts, new trousers, PE kit and shorts and new socks and shoes.

This year and next year will be the last year’s before Bell starts primary school. The jumpers are unisex luckily and so are the PE kits so we will save those for Bell, unless for some reason they end up in a awful state!

We usually go to Sainsburys for our school uniform but this year we heading to Marks and Spencers. Why? The uniform is very similarly priced to Sainsburys and Marks and Spencers had 20% off the day we visited too plus they sell school shirts with the velcro top button! 

The school jumpers must have the school logo on. So last year I brought Bear two sizes too big and they will fit for this year too.

The one good thing about our school is they have a second hand uniform sale, I brought Bear his school coat for £1.50 instead of the £22! But hardly nobody wears the actual school coat to be fair.

Bear has got so many stains on his school shirts from last year, that they will have to be thrown away. But not before I take off all the buttons! I’m sure they will come in handy!

We have almost everything brought, expect for school shoes and the coat which we will get at the last minute now, as I have brought everything eles a size bigger than we actually need.

All I need to do is name lables them all!!! 

I seriously can not believe that when they go back Bear will be in year 1! 

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Are we being over prescribed?

This is a very interesting topic for me. Purely as I have been on so much medicines from a young age due to medical problems. (All almost okay now!) 
I have been watching the news closely and there was a recent news report saying that many antibiotics are no longer working on certain bugs and viruses.

Why? The reason being is they are apparently over prescribing. 

With Bear, I was very much oh he has a temperature I would give a bit of calpol. But once he hit two I thought no he needs to start building his immune system up. 

When Bell was born I now hardly use Calpol or nurofen. I have started to let their immunity build up. 


The body can actually heel (with MOST!) Bugs and virus without the use of medicine. We really do not need to be pumping chemically enhanced drugs into our system. We need to eat a balanced diet and have really good hygiene. Also a few germs do not actually matter. It helps to build our body’s immunity up.

Children should not actually get a temperature when they have a injection, it’s the body fighting of the unnatural fluid which has been entered into their bodies. 

With this choice I am making, I obviously will take them to the GPS if needed but I now will be asking if there are any other treatments I could try before we go down the prescribed medicine route.I will also make sure their diet is very balanced and encouraging them to fight of bugs and viruses them self’s 

I feel the less medicine they have the quicker they will get over any illness they get. 

I am very lucky Bell and Bear are hardly poorly and I think that is because I hardly use medicine.

I am also looking into the research of vaccines too. The latest vaccine is the chicken pox vaccine. With any illness there are risks, and this virus has been around for century’s and the death toll for chicken pox is very very low. If the Chicken pox vaccine comes available on the NHS  (it is currently between £300-400 per vaccine!) I will koto be letting Bear and Bell have it. Stuiped  I hear you say? Nope I have just done my research. 

What are your views? 

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How to get the best of having your own time….

When  you become a parent Wether your a mum or dad. It really is important to have time together or even separate. 

Being a full time mum or dad (let’s face it ladies there are a few fantastic daddies who are stay at home dad’s!) We need our down time! 

Since Bear was born in was very much trying to get him into a 7pm-7am night time routine. It did work for a while. But then he got to the terrible sleeping phase but more on that in the future. 

Anyway to create some me time or more importantly how to get some “Me” time.

Here are my top tips for getting some me time.

1- let a relative have them over night… (my cousin is  gem, she has Bear every few months now, for a night so we just have Bell) 

2- Go to a keep fit class, yep this is one time I actually get where I am not having knocks on the bathroom door asking how long I will be as Bear or Bell wants me and not Daddy…

3- Find a good book and lock yourself in the bathroom with some candles and a glass of wine or if you don’t drink some orange juice. 

4- Take up a hobby. I am really into Knitting, but more on that later. 

5- Meet friends for a Meal or go to the cinema. Come on who doesn’t want to sit child free in the cinema and not share your sweets and popcorn?

I only really have 5 chill outs for me time what are yours? 

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1 month until Bell Turns…

1 month until Bell turns three!! Where have the last three years gone?

Now I am stuck, what do you buy a three year old girl who is in to anything and anything!

I don’t want to push her into collecting Care Bears (they are adorable though!) Or Polly Pockets (yep they are still about!) I want to encourage independent choices.

We went to the toy shop this morning to try and give me some ideas. Did it work? Nope. Bell wanted everything and anything from the huge roaring dinosaur to the My little pony’s.

The choice of choosing a toy is endless. I wish I was clever enough to create a toy which would make money for years to come like Sullivan Families.

After spending what seemed like a life time in the toy shop and trying to get some ideas of what Bell would be happy with, along with Bear starting his Christmas list!

Here is what I have come up with

1, Play-dough – Bell Loves Play-dough, she will sit there for a good 20 minutes playing with the dough, even mixing the colors together which makes it turn into evil looking brown color.

2- My Little Pony – Okay honest answer here, she looked at one and said it was pretty and said she could brush her hair

3- Lalaloopsy – The Mini ones, I don’t think she will be 100% interested until she is bigger but its worth a shot and worse comes to worse I am sure they will make a good bath toy.


4- A story book or two- Bell loves reading she can have up to 4 stories or more just at bedtime! During the day she is very happy looking through a book, she must take after me there.


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Why I think Swimming is Important …


Why do I think Swimming is Important?

I can swim, I am just not a very strong swimmer!

When Bear was one we were gifted some money to go towards swimming lessons, It was seriously the best Money and obviously one of the Kindest and the most beneficial present he got that year.

As he grew we continued with his lessons, but changed swim schools as we felt he wasn’t improving at the swim school we started with and was more standing by the side.

When Bell was born we would scrimp and save to pay for their lessons, Until the Christmas when Bell was just over one. My dad kindly paid for both of their swimming lessons, as he rather buy them something they will get the most from and obviously swimming is very high on his list!  It has kind of continued to be like this for Christmas and birthdays. It works well as we only now pay half of the swimming bill. (Lucky grandchildren!)

Anyway back to why its important!

When I was pregnant with Bell, we were in Ibiza and Bear fell into the swimming pool as a older child ran passed as lost his balance. (the child did say sorry in German) I was sitting down next to the pool!

As the life guard came over Bear managed to swim to the side all by himself at the age of almost 2.5 years old!

It was the first time we saw the lessons were paying of!

So if there is one thing I would say is if you want to splash out some mony on your child for a class swimming would be one!

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Why do… 

Why do other parents judge other parents? 

Seriously parenting is a amaxing special journey for everyone in everyone’s own way. Some are very laid back and some are very serious. Some parents feed their children a totally organic diet, some people feed their children totally on processes food. Some parents go vegan or vegetarian. And some parents breastfeed until their child is 3 to 4 years old. Who are we to judge?

Some parents want their children to look clean and respectable at all times and some really don’t mind if they are covered in mud from head to toe! Obviously going to a wedding covered in mud wouldn’t be wise would it? 

Most of us are either parents or have been parents. Why do people feel they need to judge when your darling child is having a full blown tantrum in Tesco or at the play park . I’m sure we have all been there where we have had somebody who is clearly a parent with  their anglic child sitting in the trolley whilst yours is pulling everything from the shelfs and they are giving you a strange look, or worse tutting at the behaviour.  
The little baby in the buggy refusing his or her nap time and mum or dad is walking down the street looking exhausted because they have been rocking their little prince or princess for the last 30 minutes to try and get them to settle and decing a nice walk may just do the trick.

I just want to say we have all been there. All we should be doing is praising every mum,dad and anyone who has the role of a parent. We should be supporting the mum who’s toddler has thrown herself on the floor because she doesn’t want to leave the play park. We should be high fiving the dad who’s said no to the son who wants a magazine but he isn’t allowed because he threw a  toy at his sister earlier that day. Support and Compassion is all a parent needs. Not judging the parent or the child. We need to remember we have all been there at one time or another.

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This is a bit of a rant post so apologises in advance if it annoys you.. Why do people use the word depression so loosely?

I am lucky enough not to suffer from depression but I do know people who do suffer from depression.

It’s certainly not a nice thing to have, it’s hard to watch people go through this but you need to be there for them and support them through their journey. We need to break the stigma and taboo of talking about mental illness and we need to do it now!

Here is the defintion for anybody who wpuld like to know.

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. You may have trouble doing normal day-to-day activities, and sometimes you may feel as if life isn’t worth living.

So please do not use the word depressed lightly it certainly isn’t a light matter. Let’s break the stigma