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Dear Bear … (End of term)

How is it the end of term already?

This year has flown by. This time last year we were saying goodbye to your amazing pre-school teachers ready to spend summer together before  you started on your Reception class adventure.

You have graduated from Reception and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and you are now ready for some serious but fun learning, in your next class.

Your Reception Class adventure is now over the next school chapter will be opening after the summer holiday’s. 6 whole weeks of not dashing about and chilling out.

Mummy will be working two day’s a week over the holiday’s but luckily you can come with me, but we will be going out  doing some things with the little baby I look after.

The day’s I am not working we will be having lazy mornings, and fun day’s out which will be a bit more suitable for you and your sister.

I bet you these  6 weeks will go so fast, we will be finding things to do with Dinosaurs as that is what you are learning about next term, we will also be finding some fun things to do with Space, the weather and Woodlands as that is what you will be doing in Year One.

Your year one teacher’s seem amazing you have one teacher Two day’s a week who has been teaching over 10 years and the other three day’s a newly qualified teacher, who used to be a teaching assistant. You will also having a Teaching Assistant too!

I can’t put into words how proud I am of you, you are such a caring,loving, polite and handsome young man. Your teachers say you are a pleasure to have in the classroom and you are helpful and caring too.

I am so excited for your Year one adventure, I hope it is as magical as your Reception adventure was.

Lot’s of Love



P.s I know a Auntie who has also missed you too whilst you been at school and she can not wait to spend some quality time with her favorite and only Nephew

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Take me back to

Take me back to the clear Blue seas and the clear blue skies.

Look at the sea, the clear blue sea was amazing. I have traveled a lot, I’ve seen the  Caribbean, I have sailed the Caribbean sea. I have been to Miami, I have visited Disney land. I have been to Jersey, France, Portugal and Zante.

I have been to the Canary Islands, Ibiza and am of to Majorca soon!

I have the travelling bug and have done since I was tiny. I love to see the world. It opens your eyes to so many experiences and adventures. I am so pleased I have the opportunity to explore the world with Bear and Bell, They are so so  lucky to have this amazing experience.

I am sure they won’t remember many of the place’s they have been but with Photo’s they will have some wonderful memories to look back on.

I don’t think just sitting by the pool is a good idea especially when children’s minds are constantly wanting to explore and find out more. We try and do one visit to a church or some thing which we can create a learning experience.

But yes I do like sitting by a pool!

Kids clubs yes but not all the time, a holiday is about spending time as a family in our busy lives. Please do not get me wrong we do have family time during the week but it sometimes gets missed with so much going on. Birthday parties and work commitments.

Here is my Bucket list for places I really would love to go

  • Thailand – have you seen the beaches there?
  • Morocco – For the food and the beaches
  • Australia – I have no idea why, but the land of down under seems to attract me.
  • New Zealand – The islands looks amazing
  • Italy
  • Holland

Place’s I currently won’t go are

  • Egypt
  • Turkey

Why? There is so much trouble out there and the military  are trying to take control of Turkey. I am sure in a few weeks/Months or even years I shall change my mind but at the current time I will be avoiding. Even though I would love to see the Pyramids!

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Why we love the outdoors….

I think these photo’s sum up the outdoors to us as a family, even though I don’t think Hubby agree’s. I am very much if they are getting covered in mud yay! Hubby is “out of the mud you will get dirty!”

I think children should be able to explore all their environments, but only if they are safe to do.

Building mud pies I personally think is the main part of being a child, splashing in mud and getting their hands dirty!

Bear wasn’t into Mud and Dirt when he was tiny but now he is at school he isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the mud!

Bell however isn’t keen but will certainly grab her wellies for a bit of splashing in the rain and a muddle puddles I blame Pepper Pig for this!

One thing I wouldn’t change as a family we don’t really plan for day’s out everything we do is usually spontaneous and last minute.

This summer we are going away, we are going to have a mini Glastonbury in the garden ,without the rain I hope, a few day trips and a few trips to National Trust sites.  What are your Plans this summer?