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My Day Out At Drusilla’s Park In Sussex!

We have recently spent the day at Drusilla’s Park in Sussex, It took us about an hour and twenty minutes from where we live to get here. It started of a really gloomy over cast day, but it certainly brightened up nearer the end of our visit.

When we arrived the car park looked very busy, but once we were actually through the entrance the only busy bit was the first section which was the iguana and snake area. We then went around to the Farm Yard to see what happens down on the farm and Bell and Bear even had a go at milking a cow. (Okay it wasn’t a real cow but they certainly had great fun pretending to be farmers!)


Milking a cow down on the Farmyard


We then followed the path around to see the other animals there is a lovely selection of animals here and their homes looked really well cared for. The animals which were our favourite were the Meerkats, penguins, the monkeys and Marmosets.

There is so much to see and do here whilst walking around the park for the children and of course the big kids (adults!) from the Zoo Challenge to the animal spotter book with a trail to follow. There is also a soft play (Amazon adventures) if the weather does take a turn for the worse and a huge outside play ground for all ages, and not forgetting the water play area which is called Get Wet!


Go Wet! Yes my children are in their pants and knickers! At least they had plenty of fun!


There are also lots and lots of information and interactive areas dotted around the park which certainly keep the children entertained and learning new facts and information about the animals.


We were very excited to be able to walk through the lemurs in Lemurland and walk through the Lorikeets in the Lory landing area.



When we last came to Drusilla’s Hello Kitty secret garden was still being built, the rides in Hello Kitty last a couple of minutes which is ideal for little ones and Bell was able to go on a few of the rides by her self which is a bonus! The rides here are little teacups, ride round Hello Kitty’s Garden and 25ft Hopper ride. Did I mention this is the first Hello Kitty attraction in Europe, so if you have a Hello Kitty fan why not pop down and see the attraction for yourself and if your really lucky you maybe able to even give Hello Kitty a huge cuddle, during the holidays.


Hello Kitty Secret Garden Car Ride – I let Bell drive!


One new area for 2017  is GO SAFARI! GO SAFARI opened in  This is now were the old water park area was, there are two rides here, flying cheater’s, a hippo which goes up and down . Both the children loved this area, and they wanted to go on the flying cheaters again and again!  Despite going during the school holidays the longest we had to wait to go on the rides was 2 minutes which was a  perfect waiting time for little children. Bear and Bell kept coming back to this area and also wanted one last go before we left for home and the one last go turned into about 6 lasts go as they were both having so much fun!

I almost forgot to mention there is also a GO Safari  African themed safari express train ride, where you can see a few animals and along the way you can also peek and see the play area and the water play area. Also there are jokes so do keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to give everyone a wave as you go passed!


African Themed Safari Train



There are also a few payable activities which are available to everyone which are panning for gold, Penguin plunge and vertical limit. There is also a discovery centre which has lots of information and we saw lots of animal fur and goods which were on lone from the HM revenue and customs.

There is so much going on through out the year as Drusilla’s is open 362 days of the year from 10am until 5pm in winter and until 6pm in summer, the last entry is one hour before closing but I would recommend a good 2 or 3 hours here if you would like to see and have a go in the play park and the Get Wet Area. You could easily spend all day here, as there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat or a coffee.


There is certainly lots to look forward to for the rest of the year here from meeting Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo, Paw Patrol and Meet Hello Kitty over this summer. And not forgetting Meet and Greet with Scooby doo over Halloween so don’t forget to bring your Scooby snacks and Father Christmas from the middle of November with Winter Wonderland Illuminations which is a daily light show at 4pm.





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Liebster Award

What are the Liebster Awards?

The Liebster Awards are to promote new blogs. You answer a series of questions and and then set your own questions to ask.


Before I start a Big thank you to Nina Spencer who writes Ready for a Cuppa Blog. Her blog is a very good read I must say.

I know a few new bloggers by a few I mean a two! So I have put a ask on Twitter and of course Facebook to ask if anybody would like to take part.

There is a blogger community and I am still all new to Blogging that at the moment it doesn’t feel like part of the family just yet! Give it a few more weeks I am sure I will change.

So Here are the rules:

  1. Write a blog post about your nomination, displaying an image of the award.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked you in his/her blog post.
  4. Nominate 5-11 other starting bloggers who you think deserve this award, and come up with 11 questions of your own for them to answer.
  5. List these rules in your blog post.


So first of all I need to answer the questions I was sent …

  1. What or who inspired you to blog?  I was first introduced to Blogging by a friend who writes Life With Pink Princesses Blog. Her writing is very down to earth. 
  2. Who would you invite to a dinner party? I’m not sure if this is famous people or people who are no longer here but my dinner party guests would include my mum, my grandads, Audrey Hepburn and Elvis Presley.
  3. If you had to give up one what would it be out of Tea, Coffee, Alcohol? Well I don’t like hot drinks so it would have to be Alcohol.
  4. Whats your favorite view? looking out on the beach with clear blue skies
  5. Who is your inspiration in life? My nan, she lived through the war , she is always a great support and seems to just get on with life.
  6. Whats the best piece of advise you’ve been given? its not what you know its who you know. 
  7. What is at the top of your bucket list? visiting Thailand and Australia 
  8. Is there anything you would do differently if you could? Yes Go to University.
  9. Whats the one place you would love to see if money were no object? If money was no object I would travel the world and see all the 7 wonders of the Earth.
  10. What would you do with a lottery win? Buy a house and a Mini BMW (5 door)
  11. How do you relax? I love reading and if I’m not reading I am knitting. These are both very relaxing. 


It’s now time for me to nominate New blogs from around the interweb!

I thought it was going to be hard finding new bloggers out there but after turning to Facebook here I am with not just 5 or 6 but 13 new bloggers all eagerly  awaiting my questions🙂

Here are some new blogs to check out!

1.Just Jax

2.Not the Perfect Parent

3.Cosmopolitan Mummy

4.Beautiful Foundations

5. My Boys Club

6. Erica Says “It is what it is”

7.The Unnatural Mother

8.Being Mummy

9.Then There Were Three

10.Tegan and Lewis


My questions to the above bloggers are:

  1. How did you choose your Blog name?
  2. If you had the opportunity to review a product of your choice what would it be and why?
  3. Is Blogging all you thought it would be?
  4. If you won the lottery what would you buy?
  5. How would you describe your style?
  6. What can’t you live without?
  7. How do you deal with your fears?
  8. What would you change about your life?
  9. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you go?
  10. What are your hobbies?
  11. what is your favorite book?

So now its over to you!

Please Don’t forget to check out the blogs above and leave a comment or two. They are all really good reads!