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Hobbycrafts paint your own money boxes 

We Popped to our local hobbycraft to buy some icing for Bells birthday cake I am going to be making next week. Whilst we were there Bear found some Paint your own money boxes. 

They started at £3 and the max price was around  £10. We brought the £4 money pots. There were lots of different characters to choose from and there was even a Santa Cluas too! 

What do you get for the price, you get a little or big crematic figuring money box (Obviously depending how much you are paying) 6 mini size paints and a paint brush. 

The children spent a good 20 minutes painting their Duck and Dinosaur they choose.

I personally didn’t think the paint would last for the whole of the figuring as Bell and Bear seem to use lots of paint but it did annd there was still a little bit left over too. 

They have turned out really nice and are now sitting on the side in the kitchen so they don’t get broken.

Out of ten 

Bear was  10/10

Bell 9/10 

Me 10/10

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Lanazorte 2013

**back to the past**

We went to Lanazorte when Bear was little and I was pregnant with Bell. 

It was Bears first trio to the airport and he loved it he was unsure of going through the security machine but do you blame him it must be scary for a child. He choose a magazine, some sweets and of course a drink for the plane.

The flight was great, we had  early morning flight, we packed small toys from the pound shop and wrapped in tissue paper, so he could open up during the flight, it worked really well. We also took sone of our own snacks too. He played, ate and had a sleep! 

We stayed in a hotel  (baby brain has made me forget the name!) Which was flintstone themed. Unfortunately the room wasn’t but that didn’t bother me at all. 

There was little dinosaurs to sit on and ride on. 

The little play park was good too but more for a 3 year old plus child. Bear enjoyed it Though!!!

The hotel was clean and the food was okay. The children’s pool was just a round pool no slide but Bear was very happy with that.

We visited the local zoo which had a play park, water park and lots of lovely animals which had so much space to roam around and it was so clean, and it was reasonable priced too!

Bear loved the beach he was very happy toddling up and down on the sand building sand castles and padding in the sea! 

The weather was amazing, and I really do not understand why people call Lanazorte, lanzorgote at all! 

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A day at the farm…

We visited our local farm recently.

It’s great it has animals, soft play, climbing area, tobogganing, a sand pit, animal petting area, dinosaur trail and a tractor ride.

The weather was brilliant, not to hot and not cold. 

When we arrived the car park was packed, but walking around the farm it seemed empty. The soft play was quiete and there was a 30 minute play rule as it is the summer holidays. They had great toilets too, they had small toilets for children up to 7 years and bigger toilets for adults and older children. This was free.

Outside the soft play there was little ride on tractors for the children, Bell loved them, Bear liked them until he realised that the dinosaur trail was next to them and really wanted to get hunting!

The dinosaur trail was good, we hunted the dinosaurs and the information was very child friendly. Bell and Bear could also dig for a dinosaur bone and fossils. Bear loved the fact he could walk over dinosaur foot prints! 

We then went into another play barn which had a wooden type climbing frame and a wooden car or two. There were a few picnic tables here so we had picnic.

We then went on a bumpy tractor ride around the dinosaur trail.Which ws £1 per person, great value. 

We Popped into the petting area and Bear got to hold a baby chick, the baby chick pooped over Bear and he found it extremely funny!

After that we went to the play area it’s very big but you could still see everything, it had a little snack shop and a toy barn shop. There was also a huge space for people to have picnics.

Walking around they had lots of herbs and  vegetables growing, I’m not sure if they use them in the cafe, as we didn’t venture in there today, as we brought our own picnic. But will certainly give it ago next time we visit.

The prices were reasonable too! 

Overall a great day out and we will certainly be going again!!! 

We visited Godstone Farm, Godstone, Surrey. I have not been paid for this and this is my own views.

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A busy weekend…

We  have had a busy weekend. My cousins are back from uni and have spent this Saturday entertaining Bear and Bell for me. We have visited the horse’s at the local stables and we have gone to a play park around 15-20 minutes drive from our house where there is a huge sand pit!

My cousin has deiced to join the bubble society at her university (who knew?). We love bubbles especially Bell. They are so calming to watch floating away with not a care in the world. Its a beautiful sight especially when you catch the sunlight in the bubble it causes them to look a bit like a rainbow.

The play park has mini golf, a ice cream van and four different sections, which is great if you have mixed age children. I am always on tender hocks in busy place’s. I am terrified I will lose one of them! I love my little local park as I can see all the way round and not panic too much!

We have started our Summer Holiday homework. Bear is learning about Dinosaur’s when he goes back to school and has to do at least two of the 8 things on the list unless “parents” have some ideas. Just need to remember to take it in, when we go back in September!

I have realized  I need to plan my blog’s more and do some on a more daily basics. I will certainly try, but with the 6 weeks holiday’s here I’m sure I won’t have a moment to myself!

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Dear Bear … (End of term)

How is it the end of term already?

This year has flown by. This time last year we were saying goodbye to your amazing pre-school teachers ready to spend summer together before  you started on your Reception class adventure.

You have graduated from Reception and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and you are now ready for some serious but fun learning, in your next class.

Your Reception Class adventure is now over the next school chapter will be opening after the summer holiday’s. 6 whole weeks of not dashing about and chilling out.

Mummy will be working two day’s a week over the holiday’s but luckily you can come with me, but we will be going out  doing some things with the little baby I look after.

The day’s I am not working we will be having lazy mornings, and fun day’s out which will be a bit more suitable for you and your sister.

I bet you these  6 weeks will go so fast, we will be finding things to do with Dinosaurs as that is what you are learning about next term, we will also be finding some fun things to do with Space, the weather and Woodlands as that is what you will be doing in Year One.

Your year one teacher’s seem amazing you have one teacher Two day’s a week who has been teaching over 10 years and the other three day’s a newly qualified teacher, who used to be a teaching assistant. You will also having a Teaching Assistant too!

I can’t put into words how proud I am of you, you are such a caring,loving, polite and handsome young man. Your teachers say you are a pleasure to have in the classroom and you are helpful and caring too.

I am so excited for your Year one adventure, I hope it is as magical as your Reception adventure was.

Lot’s of Love



P.s I know a Auntie who has also missed you too whilst you been at school and she can not wait to spend some quality time with her favorite and only Nephew

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Dinosaurs and Bell….

I love Bell with all my heart but when I found out Bell was a girl, I was all excited that I would have a girly girl as I did all the Dinosaurs and train’s with Bear but nope …. bell

Bell LOVES dinosaurs!!!!

When I was growing up I went through the Dinosaur phase too! But they didn’t have the choice of clothing they have now.

In the 80’s girl’s clothes were dresses, fairy’s , princesses and animals. There were no Dinosaur clothing unless you went into the boy’s section and then little girl’s could wear a train top or a superman top!

So as you can imagine my Love of NEXT when I was browsing (by browsing I mean spending money I haven’t got two day’s before payday and sending it to my Nan’s house so Hubby doesn’t see!) I came across a Dinosaur Range!

Obviously I treated Bell to a Dino dress and Bear to a Angry bird top for holiday.

I love Next their clothes was up really well! Many people I speak to think Next is expensive but to be honest a dress like Bell is wearing in the photo only cost me £6 in Tesco or sainsbury’s the dress would of been around £4-5 .

Bell wear’s the dress as much as she can, she even made me Ironing it this morning so she could wear it!

Bell is already becoming very fussy in what she will wear, I’m sure I wasn’t like this when I was little.

Bell love’s her shoes and bags too! Maybe I should hope she will have the same size feet as me as she get’s bigger then I can borrow her shoes!!!!

I wonder if Next will send me another Dinosaur dress? I dout it but never mind of to Next I go!