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Today I got thinking…. 

How much one to one time do I actually spend with each child… obviously I spend a lot more time with Bell than I do with  Bear as his now in full time education. But now Bell is getting to be a less of a a mummys girl (don’t it’s sad times) and more of I will stay with daddy without the emotional tears and tantrums which used to come with it… I have promised myself I will spend some one to one time with Bear. 

Even if it’s just to Tesco or a quick drive to collect petrol, as we all know money can be tight some times,  those 5 to 10 minutes can actually improve a child’s behaviour. 


Because they aren’t trying to fight for attention with other siblings or your husband/partner, who could be their dad or their step parent. 

One to one time is actually beneficial  for both a adult and of course more importantly the child. 

With 16 years of child care behind me I have noticed the following of why a child could play up. I am obviously not a expert in child behaviour.

But here it goes….

  1. Negative speech towards a child,if your always given negative commnets to a child he or she may or will play on those comments as they will feel that they can’t do nothing better.
  2. You work part-time but your always putting your child in clubs, I know how annoying children can be. But the importance of spending time with a child and helping and taking time out for your child should come first!
  3. Always on your phone, okay even I am guilty of this put the phone down for 10 minutes and have a conversation with your child it’s not hard seriously ask how their day has been, who they played with simple things will make sure your child will feel they are valued
  4. Who always picks up? Yes this is tricky as many parents work long hours now a days but if your at home and it’s always your wife picking up from school but she works from home and your at home with the youngest swap roles, let dad pick up and have a conversation. Obviously if you can, it will make the world of good
  5.  Limit Ipad time, I swear this is the route of all evil, this is why children play up, this is why the art of conversation is dying out. You would be surprised at how many children get in from school and sit glued to the Ipad until dinner is ready!
  6. Last but not least take a interest in your child’s homework, even the most brightest child may struggle, if you don’t pay attention to their homework they will show less attention in school and play up.

So they are my 6 main things I have picked up on, obviously in a  perfect world we would be there 24/7, UK schools would start teaching at the age of 7 and homewoork would be non existent.

My main point is take time even if it’s 5 or 10 minutes (longer if possible!) With your child one to one. Even if you have to lock the bathroom door and sit on the loo for a quick chat do it!


I am a stay at home mum who lives in Kent , who loves to Blog!

3 thoughts on “Today I got thinking…. 

  1. I agree with your points – our kids need one on one time with us! As I’ve got a new little one in the house, I’m not the best at doing this lately, but I’ve definitely been thinking about it and trying to implement some changes that will allow me more time for each child. Thanks for the added motivation! XO

    1. Congratulations Valerie on your new addition! Even if it’s just bath time whilst daddy prepares a bottle or something really small like reading a book together whilst baba sleeps, even though I know you would rather have a hot drink and get to drink it whilst it’s actually warm! Good luck you can do it!

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