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It’s that time of year again..

It’s only my second year of buying school uniform and it certainly adds up. New shirts, new trousers, PE kit and shorts and new socks and shoes.

This year and next year will be the last year’s before Bell starts primary school. The jumpers are unisex luckily and so are the PE kits so we will save those for Bell, unless for some reason they end up in a awful state!

We usually go to Sainsburys for our school uniform but this year we heading to Marks and Spencers. Why? The uniform is very similarly priced to Sainsburys and Marks and Spencers had 20% off the day we visited too plus they sell school shirts with the velcro top button! 

The school jumpers must have the school logo on. So last year I brought Bear two sizes too big and they will fit for this year too.

The one good thing about our school is they have a second hand uniform sale, I brought Bear his school coat for £1.50 instead of the £22! But hardly nobody wears the actual school coat to be fair.

Bear has got so many stains on his school shirts from last year, that they will have to be thrown away. But not before I take off all the buttons! I’m sure they will come in handy!

We have almost everything brought, expect for school shoes and the coat which we will get at the last minute now, as I have brought everything eles a size bigger than we actually need.

All I need to do is name lables them all!!! 

I seriously can not believe that when they go back Bear will be in year 1! 


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